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Can’t even rate because...

I never got my card in the mail. I talked to someone about it who said they’d mail another card. Never got that one either. Don’t live close to any theaters that do e-tickets, so I wasted $10 on one month without being able to see any movies since I never got my card.

Most of time doesn’t work

Most of time never works snd the response time is is great when it works,which is rarely.

Total Scam

MoviePass started out to be revolutionary and fell flat . They started with one movie a day and now it’s three movies a month . Whenever I want to see a movie and go to the cinema there are no more screenings left for the day . Movie selection has decreased considerably. No 3D and IMAX . No customer care number but a chat which took more than an hour to resolve while I waited outside the cinema and missed Multiple show times . Time to switch to AMC A list .

I wouldn’t

It seems like even the new change is a good deal(3 movies for the price of one and a discount on any additional movies) but with the new plan came a big change. You are no longer have an option to choose what movie you want to see under moviepass. they used to list every movie playing at the theater that day. Now they choose one and that’s the only one you can see that day. In addition moviepass isn’t reliable. Today I checked moviepass as I was leaving for the theater and decided to see the movie of the day. When I got there(I live 15 minutes away from the theater) there were no screenings of any movie available(it was still before the movie time and the movie was NOT sold out). It seems like a good deal to see 3 movies for the price of one but it is no longer a good deal if you never have available movies(the situation is a daily occurrence)

Garbage app now!

They have changed the app to where it is next to impossible to see the movie you want and they say you can jump through hoops to get it. It’s not worth it at all. You are better off going to a matinee, than trying to fight this app.

Using app

When do I get to use it again

Really wanted to love this

My first month with this was great. Loved it, really wanted to believe that this was too good to be true. But nope, after 50 changes made in one month because they genuinely doesn’t know how to manage a business and take care of their customers. So now literally every movie theatre around me it says this is a premium screening and I can’t watch it. Not worth it to have this anymore whatsoever. Such a stupid and useless app now. Cancelling this right now

Bait & Switch at its finest.

I received the Costco package of this service for my birthday in Feb. 2018. The deal was unlimited movies for the year (1 per day). Sounds too good to be true right? Yup. Couple months in and you can’t watch the same movie twice. Then they remove premium movies from the service, offering a discounted rate instead. Now, they’ve removed 3/4 of movies entirely. Venom recently released and I don’t even get a discount on it. Only the B movies are available to get with this service. Worst company I’ve witnessed in a while.

Garbage, non-functioning app that delivers on zero of it’s promises.

The title of this review pretty much sums it up... According to MoviePass’ customer service, available showtimes are “falling off” the app inexplicably, however MoviePass did not communicate this to their paying subscribers, and in order to check-in to a movie you must first check the website for the appropriate movie and showtime, then call the customer service line and have them check you in, and pay for your ticket with the MoviePass card within 30 minutes of doing so; but you can’t do any of that on their garbage non-functioning app like you’re supposed to be able to.

Can’t plan even a few hours ahead

Besides not being able plan ahead even to tomorrow, sometimes movies will be available in just a few hours only to disappear just before you leave home. It makes it such that MoviePass is frustrating and stressful, and we end up just not messing with it.

Annoying bugs.

A notification popped up. Saying my unlimited account will be restored. With a link. The link is expired. And there is NOTHING to click that can get me out of this notification. So the app is stuck there and useless. Wow.


Haven't been able to use the app in months. Every time I have time to see a show, the app either isn't working or like today, there are only premium showings. It's Monday afternoon, it's not a holiday and the film I want to see has been out for weeks. There's nothing special about today, and I'm fed up. Because the service has been of no use to me, I'm cancelling. I will advice friends and family to not use moviepass, I've had a terrible experience with the service and getting in contact with someone from the company is basically impossible

Straight BS

Zero stars......1050am eastern NO available year contract is up in 3 months will not renew....STRAIGHT 💩💩💩💩

2 months all movies are premium so no movies available.

So basically I’m paying 10+ $ a month for a service that nothing is provided. Everyday checked for what movies are available and zero movies are. Every movie is premium and unavailable. Guess it’s time to bail. Customer service is an absentee landlord...

Don’t trust it

I often will check in the morning to see what is available to see that day and decide on a movie. Many times when I check later the same day, many of the movies aren’t there anymore. Twice we have headed out to the movies, to see movies that were on the app for that day, only to find out that they were NOT available with MoviePass. Their customer service is horrible. They say they have problems with the app but don’t seem to fix them.

Going to Cancel

It’s halfway through the month and movie pass has not allowed me to watch most of the movies that are out right now. It only allows one movie a day and it’s never one I actually want to watch. My partner and I had to pay to watch Venom. If we have to pay for one more movie on top of our subscription we’re canceling and getting a cinemark membership.

Waste of money

Don’t waste your money. There are never any movies available for me to see. I am going to cancel my service and switch to the AMC theatre.

Do not waste your money.

I originally purchased a year plan of unlimited movies. It was great for the first two months until they started running out of money. They have changed the terms of service so many times it’s laughable. Now I am unable to use MoviePass due to zero offerings available at all of the approved theaters around me. Save yourself a frustrating experience and avoid this shady company.

It started out ok. Now, it’s literally unusable.

My wife and I both recently got MoviePass. The first 2 weeks were great. We were able to see a few movies and there were only a couple of “peak pricing” options, which were easily avoided. Starting this weekend (with the release of the new Mission Impossible), every single showtime was peak pricing. Peak pricing also included all showings of the Mr Rogers movie. Now, on a Monday afternoon, all 9 of my local theaters have absolutely ZERO available movies. This service is a complete waste of cash. Just take your money, see which movie you just have to see in the theater, and wait for the others to get to Redbox or Netflix. RIP MoviePass. Update: MoviePass changed the terms from a one movie per day to a 3 movies per month plan. Even at a 3 movie limit, the monthly fee made mathematical sense and we stuck around hoping that the movie availability would improve. Well, the movie selection has been abysmal and the service is essentially unusable. Every theater within a 1-1/2 drive has either no or 1 movie selection. Movies available in the morning disappear within 20 minutes. My wife and I couldn’t see any movie this past week. There is zero customer support. You get auto responses with the in app chat. They removed email support from their website. My wife and I both cancelled our memberships today. Unless you like spending $10 a month to be irritated, move on and let MoviePass die as it should.

No movies at all

Company is bankrupt I think you can’t watch anymore movies anytime. Always gets an error no movies at your location. Better not to waste money with them anymore. It used to be good until it became famous 🙁

What’s the point? Forced yourself into bankruptcy.

Well this boat is certainly sinking fast. What ever gave you the belief that limiting movies to one’s people don’t care to see to begin with? I never even got notice about this by the way. I should probably look into suing. Only found out through a friend who got the email I never did. I got the one saying it would be limited to 3 movies a month with no repeats and I was fine with that. But living in San Francisco on a Sunday at 5:00PM and there’s no available movies? What a piece of garbage this has become.

Sad about changes

The changes that were made has stopped me from going to the movies. It seems that I can’t see a movie when it’s convenient for me but I can see a movie when it’s convenient for the pass. I wish it was as easy as it use to be. 😔


no movies available now. when they started it was good. now you are just giving them money for nothing. i have been trying to watch any movie for about 2 weeks now, all the theaters in every state have no movies.

Great app unless you want to go see movies

This app is incredibly unpredictable. I understand that there are new service agreements where you can only see certain movies at certain times, but twice in a row now I have seen the movie showing I wanted to go see in the am, and by that afternoon when it's movie time, the app shows no more screenings at any theaters. Their customer support is useless and failed to explain why that was happening, instead opting for an unrelated macro response. This business is going down like the Hindenburg. Do note subscribe.

Love it hate it.

I’ve had MoviePass for almost a year and love it. The only problem is I’ll look to see what’s playing and then later when I get to the movies it’s not available. How am I supposed to see a movie and use moviepass if there are no options! Might stop using soon if I can’t start seeing movies :/

Used to be AMAZING!

MoviePass used to be amazing. I used to get all my friends to sign up for service with them, but now all of them have stopped. I’m stuck with it because I got a year subscription. I can’t even use it like I want to. When I do want to watch something, there’s either only ONE option available to see or there’s no available showings at all. I WISHHHH things would go back to how they were. I know plenty of people that would use it the way that it originally advertised. It just changes and updates way too much, and every change is horrible.

Bought one thing, they changed it all, asked for a refund, they said NO

We bought MoviePass for my wife and I and loved it. Then they changed everything and expected everyone to be happy paying for something totally different. Terrible. Don’t buy it.

App keeps showing an opt out message which expired

I had the trial and they gave me the option to keep the membership at the old price unless I opt out. I log into the app and there is no way to get out of the opt out screen even though the opt out deadline has expired. I have already re-installed 3 times. Horrible.

Terrible. Absolutely horrendous.

MoviePass used to be a great way to see movies without spending a fortune. They have changed their policies SO many times by now that it is impossible to see anything worthwhile. It is unbelievable that they would change to only 3 tickets for month and still only offer one movie option.

It’s time to CANCEL

MoviePass I’ve had you all since September 2017 paying $9.95 a month, but now I’m going to cancel your service. It was a good service the first few months of having MoviePass when it was 1 movie a day, but as a grown person I should be able to watch the movie I choose even if you all have 3 movies per month with me paying you all. The closest movie theater to me is about 6 miles away and $5.50 for a matinee showing new movies. This is my last month with your service.


I tried my best to be patient with MoviePass seeing as they are new but the app very rarely works making the service useless since their customer support line can’t help either. Very unfortunate!

Waste of money

Like many others have stated, this used to be a great deal. My wife and I got a moviepass annual subscription as a gift Christmas 2017. For 4-5mo it was great. But now Moviepass only has one or two movies available. Why the heck would someone pay to have this subscription if they can only see one movie? It’s only a matter of time before moviepass goes under and disappears for good. The movie subscription is a FANTASTIC idea, but has not been properly managed. Do NOT spend money on this!


I used to love MoviePass, because I could watch movies ANYTIME I wanted. It was super good to get rid of boredom. However, I was not able to use MoviePass since the new restrictions came out!!! Because, firstly, the locations and time are VERY limited!! Secondly, what’s more funny is, the movie tickets were already all sold out (from afternoon to late night), but it was still available on MoviePass, so my friend and I travelled all the way to a cinema and were told that there was no available tickets. What a waste of time! Thirdly, there were many locations and time available ( just like before new restrictions) when I checked in the morning, but in the afternoon, only a little of them were available.

Not worth it anymore

Went from a movie a day to 3 movies per month. That wasn't a big deal, but now the selection is basically nothing. The list is so slim that it's not even worth it anymore. When I went to see Venom it was available until I got to the theater. I ended up having to pay anyway. Cancelling my membership.

App has become disappointing

The app has become a disappointment, not only they have limit your visits and movies you can watch which is dumb because now the movies that people really want to see are never in the lineup. Also the app tells me that a certain movie is on today and when i get to the theater it changes and the showtime is not longer there.

No movies every time

Whenever we check the show times in morning and plan for that movie in night show and in afternoon they are showing like there are no more screening available every single time I went to theater and I have to pay for it but now I am done I will cancel this membership. AMC have a great deals.

Scam app - Do not download

This app is such a scam. They gladly take your money but when you want too see a movie, it’s Russian roulette. You’ll sometimes check the app at home but by the time you get to the theater it’s gone. Total scam, I’m surprised apple allows it on the App Store.

Rip Off

I paid for this crap 2 months in a row and NEVER received a card. Emailed them several times finally got a response after 1 month. Requesting to cancel and a refund, they billed me again. I emailed again and someone responded after about 10 days stating that they would issue a new card and refund me for 2 months. Never got another card nor a refund. Tried to log in to the account again and it was completely deactivated. No Card, No Money, Very Poor Service!

Started off amazing now. It’s dead.

We purchased movie past last year for Christmas and it was outstanding for my husband and I. He is a medical student so being able to pay less and have “free” dates was amazing! Now sadly movie pass does not work at any movie theater here in Henderson Nevada. Oh well it was good while it lasted.

Movie pass makes me sad

I’ve had movie pass for years. I used to spend 30 dollars a month for the unlimited plan. It was awesome! It was so convenient to use and I could see a movie a day once each. I used my MoviePass quite often. Then movie pass got popular and changed everything. I of course jumped on and paid for the annual pass. Now..they have limited it to 3 movies a month at 10 dollars a month. But the absolute worse part of this whole thing is they limit the movies you can see so everyday it’s a gamble on what you get to see at what time it makes me so angry. Most days I can only see one movie that movie pass picks for me that day. Some days there aren’t any I can see. When will you just bring back the 30 dollar a month deal and let us see the movies?!

Don’t Subscribe

Paid for a year in full, policies have changed. Movie Pass USED TO BE good. Can’t watch any movie I’m interested in theaters near me. Available showings only at far away theaters.


Friends told me it was too good to be true. Any movie? Any day? Any time? At all my favorite theaters? For TEN dollars a month?! I couldn't get my family or friends to join because they were waiting for the proverbial ball to drop—to be able to say that they told me so. So, while they paid full price every time we went to the movies, which was quite often, they paid the regular cost, and I merely swiped my MoviePass card. I saw quite a few films, but to ME, quite a few equaled, perhaps, a dozen (give or take) since I joined last September. Prior to MoviePass, I would see maybe 3-4 a year due to the ridiculous prices. So I was happy to say that I got the last laugh with the naysayers, even if it was only for a little while longer. The rules began to change, then change once more, and yet, again, but my spouse and I, we were tough. We were hard-core MoviePass warriors, who rolled with the punches and who were loyal to the people who pumped life into the moviegoing experience again. We took pix of our tix, no problem. We planned our movies around the peak times with the lightening bolts. We didn't care that we were required to "check in" prior to purchasing! Yet people complained, and they did so with every single change that the company made. WHY would ANYONE complain when this company is providing the opportunity for people to see movies that, perhaps, they wouldn't have been able to see otherwise, for merely TEN dollars per month?! It was (and still is) incomprehensible to us to understand why people weren't thankful and cooperative with MoviePass' services. I mean, if the rules were such, we would've happily donned pink tu-tus and ballerina shoes to the theater in order to have the privilege of watching movies with the swipe of our MoviePass cards! We would've paid $20/mo. EACH. He'll, I would've advertised for them for free in an effort to establish more revenue! But rumors on social media began circulating about the financial stability of the company, especially in comparison to other monthly movie subscription companies muscling their way in for a shot in the ring. Well, they may have the capital, and they may have their perks, but to my knowledge, MoviePass is the ONLY company that offers major flexibility and freedom of choosing from a list of theaters as opposed to being forced to patronize that one establishment. Now THAT, I do not like at all, and that is why I won't sign up for a subscription elsewhere. It did, however, become time for us to part ways with MoviePass. The important thing that should be made abundantly clear is that we really didn't want to. When the choice of movies was reduced to between 3-4 choices, none of which were too appealing, it began to sink in that our days as MoviePass warriors would be numbered and we'd have to admit defeat. Neither they nor we are at fault. We weren't going to the movies anymore; we were just paying the twenty dollars. From day to day, I'd visit the app and check out the titles playing. I'd negotiate with my subconscious, determined not to pull the plug until I truly found no sign of life. This past Friday we wanted to see a movie. Friday was always my favorite day of the week when I was younger—it still is. We searched for movies, hoping there'd be something, anything that was remotely interesting. We were shocked. There were zero movies available to be seen, not one. We checked other theaters, but it was the same for each. My unconscious poked me in the ribs, and for a moment I could picture a sarcastic smile on her face. I could hear the naysayers chant 'I told you so!', but more importantly, I felt sad. Maybe in the near future something will happen to resurrect the MoviePass we once enjoyed wholeheartedly. I wouldn't mind paying more than $9.95 if it meant that I could enjoy the movies the way they were meant to be....Until then, we simply can't continue to pay for a service we really don't use. The day that we never really thought would come was somehow upon us. The day when white flags were raised, the battle ceased, and the accounts of two MoviePass warriors had simultaneously flat-lined.

Movie times disappear

This app is only good for mornings. Anything after 5 pm disappears and basically ruins your day for going to see a movie. Most people always see films at night not throughout the day cause we’re doing other important things. This app needs to fix all its issues because I’m getting ready to unsubscribe and go with the other competition.

Movie Trash

This app started off amazing. Then they ran out of money. Now I can’t watch a movie without jumping through 10 hoops just to watch it. Even then the showtimes disappear and there is nothing to do about it. I decided I’m canceling and taking my talents to AMC. $20 month 3 movies a week. No black out dates. No disappearing showtimes. Just straight movies.

Negative review

If I could have put a negative 5 I would have. I signed up when the deal was unlimited movies. They finally forced me out of the original deal because they were losing money. You would have thought they would have had a better business plan. It is a loss leader and they have no integrity to own up to a mistake and honor the original deal. Stay as far away as you possibly can from this company.

Canceling today

Just spent an hour and a half with customer service in order to finally get our movie tickets. Not worth it!

Are you kidding me?

I am writing this review in a movie theater parking lot, seething. Movie pass has been getting worse and worse the past few months. Now I am finally going to delete it. Just now, my boyfriend and I left the house to go see a movie. We checked our movie pass app before we left to make sure there were still showings and there were. Ten minutes later and we’re at the theater, and what do you know? “There are no more screenings at this theater today.” Are you effing kidding me? Are you effing KIDDING ME? Ugh! I’ve heard this has been happening to a lot of people. And this is the last straw. If you’re thinking about joining, don’t. And if you’re still here, get out now. It’s not worth it!

Horrible service!!!!!!

1st, It changed my plan by itself with email notification. 2st, When I tried to use it, I only can book with the app. But the app kicked me out and I keep getting “unauthorized device” error when I try to login. So I can’t cancel the account and I can’t use the service. But this service is taking my money from my bank account! Worst service ever!

Don’t bother

Crap. Only available movie to watch at this time is Goosebumps 2. I don’t want to see that crap!

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