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It Works!!!!!

Wow! Never had a problem. Read the details so you know what to expect and you will love it.

Really great. Works without issue for me.

This seems like a great service. I live in a small town with one regal cinema and it works every time without a problem. I know some people were complaining about the app being buggy but I am not experienced this it seems to work smoothly every time. For the price if you go to more than 1 movie a month it is worth it. Some people are complaining that you have to go within 100 yards to the theater to buy the ticket and has to be the same day but I think that it’s a good trade off considering I’m only paying $10 a month. Right now you can get it even cheaper if you pay for an annual plan. I would highly recommend this for moviegoers it’s well worth it.

Fun to go to movies again!

I highly recommend the movie pass to anyone. Even if they only think that they would see one or two movies a year, when you have MoviePass you feel like taking chances on movies that you normally wouldn't... you see some real amazing films! I notice a really hilarious trend where people who don't have the card give the movie pass for reviews where the people who do have the card give the movie pass high reviews. It is so hilarious how impatient people are. But I completely understand. They are a new company. And innovative start up with great ideas. So what it took three weeks to get my card - now I have unlimited movies for the rest of the year!? The trade-off is well worth waiting. The app as well designed and easy to use. I've never had trouble getting into any movie that I wanted to see in any location. Great job movie pass! Full up those empty seats. Great for audiences; great for the film industry! perfect use of technology

I’m a fan, but...

I love the concept, the app is easy to use. However I don’t like that you have to be 100 yards within the theatre to select your movie. Arrived to find out 4 movies were sold out...ruined my plans for the evening.

Dream come true

At first I don't believe this, I told with my friend who told me about movie pass is scam until I went to my first movie! This is awesome omg! Safe us a lot money! I am highly recommend to everyone! We have a big group who is using this app now and Tonight is our movie night awesome!

Doesn’t work.

Can I please sign up!?! Every time I try to get my PayPal info in the app just shuts down. This has been happening for 3 months now. You’re a mess. Figure out how to run your app before you open your business to the public!


The website low-key tricks you into paying the annual fee on a mobile browser, and their customer service is an absolute joke. Buyer beware

It's awesome!

Where I live, the theaters a 15$ a person, so I'm saving money if I go even just once a month! It only took 6 business days to come. It makes sense that at first people's cards took 6 weeks to come, simply because they made the mistake on their assumption of how popular this would be. But duh! Of course it'll be popular, it's awesome and really convenient.

iPhone X

Not fully compatible with iPhone X, does not give option to add MoviePass card.

Love MoviePass!

MoviePass is excellent! I’ve been able to see my most anticipated movies as well as a few that I would have never spent money on due to the high cost of tickets these days. I highly recommend it for any movie lover! Even one movie a month would be well worth it!

App is Garbage. Can’t sign up.

I tried to sign up, but the Facebook login option crashed it every time. I then tried to sign up using my information, but when I got to the payment screen, selecting PayPal crashed it a few times in a row. I’d love to use the service, but I won’t now out of principle.

Why wouldn’t you get this..?

Before I got MoviePass I did a lot of research on it and all I kept hearing was the app didn’t work. I figured I would cut my losses if that happened and just get to see for myself. I have not had one SINGLE issue with app, and the service is amazing!! If you go see movies or you want to I would highly recommend getting this service. Also if you go to a similar movie theater (regal, amc etc) you can get points on their reward program (which movie pass counts towards every single ticket you get with it) that give you free movie tickets popcorn and other things - so your getting a lot out of it. The card did take a while to get, but it’s so worth the wait and the company was really good about communicating and sending email updates about wait times for cards. Just get it, you won’t be disappointed.


MoviePass is the greatest!!! Just arrive at the theater and check in to your show. The moviepass pays for your ticket as if it were a credit card. You must be close to the box office to check in. That’s it. I highly recommend moviepass.

Great app, TERRIBLE customer service

I love this app for what it does and when it works it’s wonderful. Last week I only got $3.50 credit towards my movie so I had to pay $7.25 out of pocket. Submitted my ticket stub & have not been reimbursed. Can’t get an answer. Also they say they have CHAT but they don’t. November 16. Still no resolution on this. Customer Service won’t reply to my inquiries. Now they’re marketing a 12 month plan for $6.95 mo. paid up front. I don’t think so, not unless they step up their customer service!!!

Moviepass program is great, but app is slow

The moviepass program is a bargain and I recommend you join. It's easy to use! You check-in for the movie you want to watch, and then pay with this debit card. Only problem is you must check-in first and sometimes the app is slow or glitchy. It took me 15 minutes of off and on trying to get it to work today and that is aggravating while standing outside while all your friends already got their tickets. I'd still recommend it but hope the programmers fix any delays and slow downs. Thanks!

Cant login with Facebook

Constantly shows User Cancelled error

Great program, still ironing issues out

The moviepass program has worked awesome for my wife and I. We have a theater that allows e-ticket nearby so we saw a movie the night we signed up. On occasion the app freezes but this has never cost us a movie and I definitely agree that the support team is nowhere near the size needed to support the number of tickets they get. They never responded to my chat message about a valid theater not having times listed which made it so I couldn't use it but a week later a "my show isn't listed" choice popped up. I have convinced several people to sign up and would definitely advocate for anyone with any interest to do the same.


We have been to our local theater 4 times so far and it has worked flawlessly each time. I'm glad I found this app. Highly recommend it

Poorly designed. Update for iPhone X

This app is very slow ang buggy. Please update for iPhone X and speed it up.



Doesn't work

Made a reservation, went to the theater, card declined. Support is non-existent. A neat idea, but if you thought it was too good to be true, you were right.


Sounded too good to be true, yet it works perfectly! Im so grateful for this!

Love it, no complaints

Works as advertised. Been to more movies these last two months than the last five years combined. Now we need an app to get around the cost of concessions.

Android way better

I just switched to a iPhone and this app is nothing like it was on android. Missing setting type runs slow and constantly crashes. Please fix as I loved this app on Android and find it cumbersome on the iPhone

Could I get some info please?

While I’m enjoying the using my MoviePass card so far (1 month in) I find the app continuously frustrating to use. I’ve found that a lot of the information provided for movies in my area to be incorrect. The playing time of the movies is usually wrong, and I’ve yet to click on the synopsis button and actually find any information about the movie! I would also like to buy my tickets online so I can take that annoying step out of my movie-going process. I think you can do better, MoviePass!

Great once you understand it

I think a lot of people don’t get what MoviePass is. It’s a debit card, plain and simple. You unlock it by GPS and then use it. That’s why you can’t buy tickets ahead of time: it would allow for too much abuse of the card. Once you get that this thing is meant for solo spur of the moment movie viewing, it works amazingly well and is awesome. Just don’t ask it to be something it’s not.


I have no complaints. I think it is awesome to be able to go the the theater once a day multiple times a month for less than the cost of one regular ticket. I am pleased with MoviePass.

It works! Perfect!

This application is the new Netflix. Love it!


Absolutely amazing. Quick painless and saved me money

A Deal That Can't Be Beat

For the price, it's unbeatable deal. All movie lovers should use this app. I honestly wish it had come out sooner!

Well done!

This is a fantastic service for anyone who loves to see movies in theaters. Heck, it's great for anyone who has any interest in seeing movies how they were intended. Highly recommend for all! No complaints whatsoever one month in :)

Doesn't Work

I ordered movie pass for me and my girlfriend at the same time. I received my card after 10 days however, hers didn't come in. And now it's been almost a month the card still hasn't come in for her. So we wanted to go to see a exclusive movie that was only shown at one theater around us. This theater doesn't take e-tickets nor would it take my card for this showing. I know I checked in correctly but my card didn't work and the AMC theater didn't know anything on how to fix it. So we paid full price for this show that was as much as a months subscription. I contacted customer service 6 days ago and they haven't responded and closed the conversation asking "can we help you wth anything else," yet they never sent a message. I also sent an email and so did my girlfriend but they still didn't respond. This service clearly does not give a crap about you they just want your money for future investors. If you cancel you cannot buy back for awhile which is ok with us because we will never be coming back. Horrendous service, cannot recommend.

Greatest Product of All Time - Mediocre App

I absolutely love MoviePass but the App leaves a lot to be desired.

Seriously the best thing ever

Love this app!

Took a while but works great.

As long as you read the restrictions and they are okay with you, you will not be disappointed. It did take me a month to get my card which was frustrating but it did not charge me until it arrives so it was worth the wait


I enrolled in mid September, they sent me an email on 10/10 saying my card was on its way and have yet to receive anything! They have been taking my money with no service in return. I have reached out 20+ times via Twitter, Facebook, the ap itself and no one has gotten back to me! I understand they are experiencing tremendous growth but this is ridiculous!

Great service

This is a great service only down side is that you can only see one a day and that the card takes a little over a month to get to you, once you get over that it's an amazing deal even if you only see one or two movies in the month

This Will Revive Indie Film

Moviepass is not only a fantastic way to see movies at the theater for pennies on the dollar. It also will completely revive the concept of seeing a movie at the theater (which was dying FAST). Also, it's going to completely shift the priorities of the filmmaking industry. People wanna get their money's worth, and most aren't gonna see the latest Marvel or Michael Bay film 8 times a month, so they are going to be seeing movies they might not otherwise see. It's "free" so why not? This is going to put money into indie films and art films that were quickly having to redefine their marketing strategies. I went to The Killing of a Sacred Deer at a small indie theater the other night. It's a relatively "small" indie film from a little known Greek director. But he is possibly one of the best filmmakers working right now, and his screenplay won awards at Cannes Film Festival. There were easily twice as many people in attendance as I would have seen at this kind of showing prior to MoviePass. The whole theater's attendance was up. It is a beautiful thing, and we would be completely remiss if we chose not to support it wholeheartedly. For those complaining about "glitches:" It's technology, and it's new. It has bugs. It won't always work perfect. But it works a hell of a lot better than paying 10-20 dollars every time you wanna see a movie that may or may not even be good. Stop being entitled, get over it, and enjoy what we've been offered. It'll work better over time.

iPhone X version?

Need an iPhone X version of this app! It won’t even let me sign up without the app crashing. So much potential dead on arrival. Would love to use this service but can’t due to the limitations set forth by not being able to sign up.

Luv u guys

For a movie freak like me this gives me a chance to see all movies. Movie pass is one of the great things happened in my life. Love you guys🙏✌🏻😍😍

Great concept

My friend introduced me to this app and I thought it was too good to be true. Luckily it wasn't! I've always been someone that loves to see movies but it's not always realistic financially especially due to the rising movie prices. With this app I have been able to explore more new movies, more frequently. I recommend it to all of my friends now and even attend movies alone which I would have never done before.

Unable to see any reviews for a movie.

Please fix this.

Awesome. Great for the price.

Awesome. Great for the price.

Perfect for the Average Movie-Goer

I’m a dad with a young kid, and rarely get time to go to the movies. What prevented me from going to see movies whenever I actually had the time was the price at theaters. This week, I saw three blockbuster movies for the single price of $9.95. It worked at Regal and Cinemark theaters. Absolutely worth it in every way!

App works great

App works as needed. It finds my theaters or movies. Have not had any problems purchasing a ticket.

Everyone should have MoviePass, you can’t beat the deal.

Even if you don’t go to the movies often. $9.95 a month pays for itself with one movie. I’ve used it to see a few movies already and never had an issue getting the ticket.


Honestly a must have


Murder on Orient Express tonight!!

SCAM: Didn't receive the card, still being charged, just cancelled my membership

Been more than two weeks since I received the email saying you must have received your card. They have activated the card, I can see the number n expiry date, but still not received the card. The support is worst, no response on the tickets more than a week old, contacted them multiple times, no phone number to contact. Will cancel the membership soon, worst experience.

Unable to make account

Not sure how I can use a service that crashes upon account creation. Both the site and app have been unresponsive for at least two weeks on my end

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