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Great way to watch movies

The app is ok. The only thing that bugs me with the service is needing to go into the theater to buy tickets. I’ve been to sold out movies too many times. It’s too hard to coordinate seats with other movie pass holders.

Love it.

There was a delay getting a gift card for a friend but other than that, it’s the best thing since sliced bread. Really easy to use and non complicated!!!

Can’t sign up - Crashes on iPhone X

When signing up, if you tap the PayPal payment option button on an iPhone X, the app crashes and you lose your sign up progress. If you tap to scan credit card, the camera doesn’t work even if allowed in iOS settings and when you enter the card manually and submit, the app gives an error to try again later.


Please add information on each movie so I don't have to jump over to IMDb time and again when deciding which movie to see.

Fabulous for E Tickets

Bought this for my daughter and her best friend for Christmas and they had such success I bought a pass for me as am going to buy passes for my parents as well. We have not received our card which would be a pain however, 1 theater in our town does e-tickets and you don't need the card! I love e-ticket, reserving not only your ticket but your seat is exceptional and I wish more theaters will do this. We have seen more movies this holiday than ever! I highly recommend it!

Not such a great deal

We returned the movie passes to Costco. Pain in the tush to use. None of the theaters around us allowed you to buy in advance. You had to be 100 feet from the theater to reserve tickets and none of the theaters in our area allowed you to reserve your seat. I tried to contact moviepass through the app and on Facebook but no response. Buyer beware! Many thanks to Costco for returning out money.

Best thing since ... Well, since movies

The service is a great service. Have has it for almost two months now and we have seen more movies I'm that time than we had seen I'm the previous year. But enough about the service, the app itself is a breeze to use. We pick the theater, pick the time and within 30 seconds our cards are loaded. Walk up, buy the ticket and we are on our way. Only time it tooklnger was on first use when the card had to be activated. Other than that, app works great.

No support

Thought that there was tech support that would reimburse me for a ticket purchase when I was not able to use the app to make a reservation. Still waiting to hear back from my weeks old support ticket request


Fantastic service, easy to use, app could have more detail & slightly more accuracy, but this is really a 4.7 star review for that reason, not 4

They don’t offer customer support.

None at all. It’s been over a month of me attempting to contact them via their app, website, and twitter and I’ve gotten a couple automated response and no support at all. I’m filing a chargeback as we speak.

Never ending movies

Got the card in the mail in less than 2 weeks and I've seen a new movie in the theater everyday sense.


Would love to sign up for your service , however it does not let me.

So many errors

This is the glitchiest app I have ever used. Looks and works as if it was made as a high school computer science project. Should have never made it to release in such a buggy state.


The best deal in the world!! I've seen 10 movies in 2 weeks for $9.95!! Unbelievable!!!

Ideal for the movie enthusiast

I consider myself an advent film goer, so when the price of movie tickets continued to skyrocket for the sake of gimmicky features, my movie going experience hindered because I wasn't a fan of 3D films nor did I want to feel as if I was wasting money on a movie. With MoviePass, I never feel like my movie going habits are punished by overpaying for a terrible movie. Sure, getting my card took longer than expected, but after receiving it, I have no complaints when it comes to using the card. The only issues I have is with the app. From a design perspective, it's not the most intuitive user experience. Problems range from the list of nearby theaters not being accurate to certain buttons not being completely responsive. Overall, after using the app since October, I recommend this card to anyone who goes to the movies at least once a month and I'm glad a company is deciding to disrupt the overpriced theater business.

Extremely bad experience!!!!

Extremely bad experience!!! Never buy movie pass again! No way to contact with customer service!!! I tried to reserve my e ticket. However, it tells me my tickets for today has already purchased. Try to contact customer service, never got any reply. No phone number, only emails.

Stop whining

You’re getting a movie per day... for less than the cost of a regular ticket... Ppl need to stop complaining so much and realize this company is growing faster than it can keep up with. There’s going to be some growing pains but people need to appreciate that moviepass is trying to change the game for themselves yes, but also for the consumer. Thnx Moviepass!


I think this service is awesome-what a deal! I love movies and this allows me to see them whenever I want....I have no issues with the App either-everything works well...thanks you for this wonderful service! :)

Great service, but app is rough.

I’ve seen 5 movies with my MoviePass so far, and had three problems with the app. So that makes the star rating pretty easy math. The map rarely shows any theater locations on it. Sometimes I can’t check into movies while I’m at the theater, and it’s overall pretty rickety. I have to hard stop and reopen it fairly often. But to be clear I’m rating the app 2 stars, not the service. Every time I’ve used the chat help in the app, they have been able to resolve my issue 100% within a short amount of time.

Great Service, App Could Be Improved

The app needs a few features to be perfect: - Theater distance on the movie listing screen. When I'm looking at listings for a movie the theaters are in random order with no indication of how far they are. Some of my top choices are usually quite far away. A map would be great too. - Theater faving. I usually go to one of three theaters and check only like 5. Seeing these first would get me out the door more and faster! - Movie faving. If we're faving theaters, why not. Been loving MoviePass. It's easy to use. The restrictions (can't buy ahead of time, etc) are reasonable and work well with spontaneous and frequent movie-going. 5 stars for the overall program.


My experience with the app has been great it has never crashed on me. The process of getting tickets is so simple you’re gonna think wow that was easy. That’s it. 😁😁😁😁🎬🎬🎬🎬

Sometimes won’t connect at theater

I have used the app 10 times. I have had trouble with the app on 3 of those occasions. The first time it just spun after clicking check-in. I went ahead and tried scanning to pay and the card had the money so it went thru. Second time I was at the theater (inside the building) but couldn’t check in. The attendant looked at my phone and card and comped me the ticket. Third time the times were wrong in the movie app but we had already check in this went in and missed 25 mins of movie. This has only happened on one movie pass account. We have a second account and no problems with it.

Get one!

It is worth the money! I go to movies a lot more now.

Movie pass is amazing!

Great, easy to use app and great deal!

Customer service is terrible

The app crashed as I was trying to check in for a movie, and after waiting about 20 minutes for it to work, I gave up and bought the ticket with cash. MoviePass is supposed to offer reimbursements under these circumstances, but it’s been over 3 weeks since I contacted CS in the app, and they have yet to respond.

No customer service whatsoever

Tried to use my MoviePass card for the first time and it didn’t work. The toll free number connects you with instructions on how to text customer service. For 15 minuets I texted with them to no avail. Finally I asked to cancel the account. I was instructed to: “Cancelling your account is easy. On the home screen, click the hamburger menu in the upper lefthand corner.” Huh? What the blazes is a hamburger menu. Oh! Three parallel horizontal lines represent a hamburger. Could this symbology also be called a hot dog menu as the three parallel lines are longer than they are high? The final insult is the strangest; I am barred from activating a new account for nine months. If you get good service you tell a few friends. If service is bad. You tell everyone. But movie pass could care less

MoviePass is Amazing!

I seriously enjoyed “The Disaster Artist” more because I didn’t have the pressure of validating the expense. My entire moviegoing experience has been enriched!

Excited for movies again

Thank you for giving this girl her movie theater experience back!! As someone who appreciates all things film, comfort, and convenience I normally patiently wait for any movies of interest to release on DVD/streaming for the last few years because I just could NOT bring myself to pay such a ridiculous amount of $ per ticket for such a lack-luster experience at these theaters. MoviePass now has me watching more movies, saving more money, having fun trying out different theaters in my area, and it's basically a paid in advance date night for me and my fiancé to use whenever!! We love it 🍿❤️

Very flawed service

Sure your card will take months to get to you. I signed up for MoviePass in July and got my card in October. I honestly forgot about it. But now my issue is that they are totally unresponsive. I’ve had three friends sign up using my referral link and I am supposed to get a month free per sign up. I haven’t gotten a single one. I’ve been trying to contact them since December 11. It’s now January 19. I’ve sent multiple chats through their in app chat. I’ve also direct messaged them on Twitter numerous times. Nothing. Now I saw news today they they are spending billions of dollars on a division to acquire content. Pathetic. They need a new division just for customer support.

If you don't have this you're crazy

Best app for seeing movies!

Best way for going to the movies

The investment is small but the rewards are great. I really enjoy going to the movies and now I can go any day/ time I want! I am retired and am taking advantage of the Movie. I do not mind going by myself! When in line, I see lots of red MoviePass cards being used by other senior citizens! Thank you MoviePass!!!

Can’t believe how frustrating this app experience was

Wow what a disappointment. I missed 2 movies trying to check in yesterday - 1st time wouldn’t let me check in due to location services that were on, then after 25 minutes (and missing the movie) it checked me in yet at that pt we wanted to see a different movie and I couldn’t cancel the check in- there is no option on an android whatsoever. We left the theater and went to another location over 30 minutes passed and I ended up having to pay for the third movie outright bc the app still wouldn’t let me cancel the first check in. right now, 7+ hours later, I’m looking at the iPad app and my android app and there isn’t any options to cancel checkin, no green button like the video says, and both apps still say ‘you have a pending reservation’. What’s going on? Why was this such a horrible experience? Are your apps not working? Is there some other way to be able to enjoy the service? We prepaid for the entire year and I also still haven’t heard from any customer service people, we sent a message at 7p and the chat says they are open til 12a. what happens to on the spot help? This was my first time using MoviePass after hearing rave reviews and I’m mind blown at how frustrating my experience was... so far no stars really but to post I have to use 1

Great app but could be amazing

Cutting moviepass some slack considering their user growth has been parabolic. The app could desperately use some more structure with more information but it works as intended. Customer service is apparently being addressed but was non existent at first. Wish they had a discounted family plan but I figure the features will come over time. Moviepass is awesome though.

Awesome Costco deal

I bought a pass for myself and my wife through Costco. We received an email from Costco stating that we needed to create moviepass accounts and that we needed to input the promotion codes that were sent in the email. We did as told and had our cards within a week or so from moviepass. Took us about a week more to use them for the first time but now we have used them twice. You have to play by their rules of checking in near the theater on the day of the movie but if you play by their rules it does everything they say. We have loved it so far and anticipate enjoying lots of movies this year!!

ZERO response to questions

I have been waiting for my card for almost a month. Got an email saying I should have received it, so my subscription has already started and is being wasted away since I don’t actually have my card. I understand with the Christmas rush that cards might be delayed, but I’m really frustrated with the lack of communication and miscommunication. I have called, sent three messages through the app, and sent a Facebook message with ZERO responses. When I got the email saying that I should have gotten my card, I clicked on the “No, I have not received my card” link, and it took me to a “page not found” on their website. If I didn’t have a friend with a card, I would be thinking I got scammed by a fake company by now... If I ever do get my card, they better start my year subscription then! So frustrating!

Needs to be iPad compatible

Turns out my redemption issues are because I was using the app on my iPad. No refunds for errors.

Frustrating best word to describe this

I purchased 3 cards a month ago, after many many emails I finally received the 3rd card today and now I can’t activate my card. There is no support to help work thru all the problems. Save your money


Love love love Movie pass. Best investment I ever made

Great Service, App Sometimes Buggy

Service works as promoted, monthly low flat fee for a movie a day at most chain theaters and many independents that accept debit/credit card payments. App can be buggy at times, slow response and update. But persistence pays off

Great concept, horrible execution

This is a dream if it actually works. The problem is, they start charging you when they send you the card NOT at first use. My card arrived but the app won't accept my credentials. Call the number on the back of the card: no customer service. Contact someone through the chat on the app: no response. Attempt to reset password: says it's sending a Link: never sends. Email support: gets you redirected to Zen desk support. Open Zen desk support ticket: finally gets a response from someone who doesn't fix the problem and who is slow to respond. And the theater doesn't care if you present your card or not, you can't see a movie if your app isn't working. Waste of gas, waste of time.

App support is terrible

This review is specifically for the app itself. As I have yet to use the card that just arrived a month and a half later. Customer service is a chat form and the response is so slow. If you get a response at all. It’s like. The next day. 2 days later. And only says. We’re sorry we couldn’t get to you. If you still have questions were happy to help. Yet never actually answering the question or helping at all. As well as not being able to purchase the tix online with the app is just silly. This needs to be fixed pronto. That would get me to change rating to 5 stars even with the bad CS.——- Update. This post was written on December 16th. It’s now. January 2nd. Card is still not activated. Customer service has STILL NOT responded to me after telling me they would be right with me. So. App is garbage. Customer service on this app is garbage. They’ve taken my money and so far almost 2 months later. I’m honestly convinced this is a scam. - so... charged for a second month of service. Still NO RESPONSE from app support. Still card is declined at movies. So far I paid for a shiny red useless card. They won’t respond at all. Not to emails. Not to the text support. Nothing. - update. Jan 18th. Card still not activated. Still no response from support. Why??????????????


Just thanks

Highly recommended

MoviePass is a great app. Makes it affordable - and pretty easy - to see as many movies as I want.

Indian movies blocked

Why only Indian movies get blocked or not listed to be booked? This is bad considering the number of users.

Love it

I hope this model will continue without much change in price. I love it. It is opening me up to watching movies I would normally not see. I like the freedom of going without worry of cost. Only desire would be able to reserve the seat at the theaters that have reserved seating. As I have to find an off time to see a popular movie.

The worst costumer service

I never was able to activate my moviepass card, I wrote them through the movie app (cause is the only way to contact them) and get a response 1 MONTH after, and at the end they never solve my problem, I desactive my account and still got charge and I never used not even once. I regret so much downloading this app, don’t recommend it at all.

Worst Customer Service Ever

My friend bought me a three month subscription to MoviePass for Christmas. I was suppose to receive the card you need to activate MoviePass on December 15. It’s not January 18 and I’ve yet to receive it. I did however receive an email congratulating me on receiving the card on January 1 (15 Days after I was suppose to have received it). This was not accurate though so I clicked on the “No, I have not received my card” link that they include in this email. But, once I clicked it, it sent me to a “We can’t find the page you’re looking for” page. Now if I try to click the link it says the provided link has expired. MoviePass does not have a customer service number, so that option is out. The only option you have is to use their “Contact Support” chat option on their app. On January 10, I sent them a message letting them know I hadn’t received my card. I was sent an auto reply saying, “Thank you for contacting MoviePass! Make sure you have your push notifications turned on to be notified when we respond!” I’ve yet to receive a response. As a movie lover I’d love to say that MoviePass has been nothing but great. Unfortunately, it’s by far the worst service I’ve ever received from any company. I definitely do not recommend.

Used it 3x;confusing at first

Confusing at first and cinema employees refuse to Help W moviepass problems

Great value

I was ecstatic to finally get my card in the mail! My girlfriend and I used our cards immediately and it was flawless. If you haven’t tried it, it is well worth the wait!

Wow! Great price for unlimited movies

I thought movie pass was a joke at first because it’s so cheap like Netflix, but this app is amazing. I purchased two and I’ve been taking my kids to the movies frequently now. I’m sure the theaters are loving this service. Definitely recommend spending the $9.95

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