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MoviePass Card issues

Love this app. Having issues with the card though and been trying to get in touch with customer service but they don’t even put you on hold. It just says, “we are experiencing a high call volume and are unable to assist you at this time. try calling again later.” That doesn’t help it’s customers when the customer service doesn’t answer you either on the in app chat. No way to get in touch with this company.

It worked once

The first time I used the app it worked beautifully. The last two times I tried to use it it wouldn’t connect to my theater. Am now canceling it.

Ticket verification

The ticket verification feature is terrible. The only way to take a photo of an e ticket is to text it to someone and take a picture on your phone. Idiotic. If you’re going to make people do verification, you should be able to upload a screenshot.

Piece of crap

Can not check-in. Had nothing but issues. Do NOT bother!!

Never worked! Bad communication!

I don’t usually write bad reviews but this whole experience has been extremely bad considering I signed up over a month ago and still haven’t been able to use this.. first my card didn’t show up on time or at all for that matter.. then they send me a new card but on my account it shows up with some other card numbers and won’t let me change it to the card I now hold witch is useless! And what makes things worse is that I can’t even get ahold of anybody to fix this problem for me thru the app, or website, or even over the phone! I am now about to be charged for my next months bill on the 6th of July 2018 and still have yet to use my account..

Frustrating and Customer Service is not helpful

App itself has issues all the time. I’ve had 3-4 issues since getting moviepass in February. Ticket verification doesn’t work half the time which is the deciding factor of whether they let you keep your account or not. If it’s not functioning then I shouldn’t get a warning for termination even if I’ve explained the situation. Check ins have been an issue in the past and they took 2 MONTHS to email me back on a problem that I had. Customer service isn’t helpful when you try to do the in app chat. It seems like they don’t actually read your messages all the way through and just reads from a script which I get is part of their job but none of the help ever actually results in a solution that works. App is so glitchy that it defeats the purpose of using it if I can’t check in or get my tickets verified and then get punished for it when it’s not my fault then there isn’t a point in paying for a service that just takes my money and then says there isn’t anything they can do.

Customer service options are very limited

My account will not log in, I just got my card. I cannot enter and the service line keeps saying the same thing that it’s high traffic blah blah blah and to enter the chat on the app. No problem, one option didn’t work so they gave me another, great. The thing is, I need to log in to use the chat! When it tells me my credentials are not found and to contact customer support I would like to be able to contact them to use my card that I payed for!

God help you if you have any issues

Don’t count on anyone to help you. Most atrocious customer service practices I’ve ever seen. They’ve locked me into the service because their app error doesn’t allow me to cancel, so now I have to get a new debit card to prevent further charges since they cannot be bothered to help me.

Great until this verification process came along

I used to LOVE this service. Only ever had minor issues and have already seen a bunch more movies than I ever would have. BUT, it’s true. Their customer service is terrible. You can only contact them through the app, half the time they don’t respond. And they’ll look for any reason to throw you off the service. This verification process where you have to take a picture of your ticket stub (no big deal how it sounds) except it didn’t ‘pop up immediately’ like they claimed. I even took a pic of my ticket that night bc I was worried about it. But no, 2 weeks later it needs a pic of that ticket stub. Can’t check in or do anything without it, has to be taken with the camera not a previous screenshot. Had to drive home 20 minutes to find it, thank god I still had it. Tried to tell support all this, and all I got is ‘we’re still improving our process’. They make it clear if you lose one ticket stub and can’t verify, you lose the service. So I wouldn’t recommend any of my friends pay that much money for this because you’ll also have to keep every stub on you for weeks on end if you want to go to the movies. So frustrated with them and their lack of customer service or care for their patrons.

Won’t log in

App was fine before they forced me to update prior to signing in. Now that I updated the app, it won’t recognize my device. I reset my password 5 times and I am over MoviePass at this point. THEY NEED TO FIX THIS ISSUE OR IM CANCELING MY SUBSCRIPTION.

Horrible customer service

They don’t respond to emails or answer the phone. They direct you to chat, which Only works if you can log in to the app. I haven’t been able to use the service for over a week now.

Customer Service is the WORST

I am not quite sure how this app or this company continues to stay in business. I had to contact customer service for an issue. I checked into a movie and it said my credit card or the MoviePass card was denied. I try to contact customer service -it was after hours - so all you can do is start a chat. The customer service representative would respond after I texted him 10 times and 10 minutes had elapsed. I would say things like “please call , me here is my phone number“ or “can you please help me or just unlock my account? Because it said I checked into a movie and I’m standing right here in the movie theater , and when I swipe my card it’s not working”. NO RESPONSE. ever!!! Even for $10 a month I would seriously never recommend this company. It’s horrible and I am furious with their customer service - can’t wait to cancel

Great, but.....

It works great and I’m not worried about watching the same movie over again. Something that would make it perfect is if it were to have like an eTicket or something like that where they can scan inside rather than waiting in line.

Taking a picture is tedious

So it may not seem like much of an inconvenience to take a picture of the stub in the app, but it actually is. The scenario is that my wife and I each have movie pass and pick our tickets in the app for a movie while on our way to the theatre. We then get to a self service kiosk or ticket teller to find that seats are unavailable or far away from each other (there’s now selected seating at our theatre), so we have to cancel the current selection and pick a later showing. However, the app will not let you cancel or navigate to any other screen until you take a picture of the stub of the last movie. We hadn’t received a ticket to take a picture of, so we had to go through extra navigating hoops to only then been harshly warned about not taking a photo of a stub we have yet received. Now I’m hearing about charging variable pricing for Peak Prices. I may go back to waiting for films to come to Netflix or just buying/renting the DVD...

Seemed like a good idea at first

My wife and I got moviepass because your promised unlimited movies for $9.99 a month. Now we can only see movies that we haven’t seen. Also they plan on implementing a charge for any movies during peak times aka Thursday-Sunday at night and for movies that are popular. Their customer support is also a joke and they will often ignore people reaching out for support.

Horrible customer service

No one responded on the “chat with us” feature on the app and when I called I got an automated voice that told me to get help on the app and then hung up.

No card

Like the idea. The actual service is a joke. Ordered two cards. One came within a week. They tell you 1-2 weeks for delivery. We are on week three of waiting for the second card. They would not re-process until we were past the two weeks. They had not tracking of the card and if it had even been shipped in the first place. The customer service is embarrassing. Only way you can talk to someone is to call 20 times in a row since the system hangs up on you if there is not a representative available. Once we did talk to someone the acted like we were stupid expecting the card to have actually arrived within the two weeks. Good news is I only wasted $20 on this. Of which they refuse to refund any of.

Deceptive Practices

1. The application won’t allow you to cancel your subscription as the button is unresponsive. 2. The chat conversations are erased after they deem the issue is resolved if you haven’t responded within a couple of hours 3. They misconstrue your words in order to prevent you from cancelling. 4. They changed the policy so your local cinemas most probably won’t offer the movies you want to see during times when you can go see one such as Friday evening and Saturday.

This is a scam!

After giving them my money, my app quit working and I can’t use it anymore. I’ve called repeatedly but they just hang up on my call. And I’ve written to support many, many times with no response. Beware of this scam.

Love movie pass but...

I absolutely love movie pass even with the newly implemented requirements to take a picture of your ticket etc. But I REALLY REALLY REALLY wish they had a feature in the app that allowed you to keep a list of movies you want to see! It’s so hard remembering!

Poor customer service

I tried emailing support, I've submitted tickets through the app, but they keep trying to charge my credit card, had to request a new card from the bank because this incompetent company can't get it together.

Fix it!!!

Fix this app!

Never received replacement card since April

I ordered MoviePass and never received the card. I contacted support 3 or 4 times. They keep telling me they will send it . I signed up in April and it is now late June.

Horrible customer support!!

Card didn’t work contacted help in app didn’t hear back for 2 days

Waste of time!!!!!!!!!!!

Moviepass is an enormous waste of time. My wife couldn’t use hers because issues related to ticket verification. We called a dozen times to get a foreign customer service rep. My wife had to repeat half of what she said. At one point he asked her to spell out her email address, which she had done already...em, el, gee, etc., and he was clueless! Then, on my app, I chose a movie (which we didn’t see because we were on the phone with CS) at 4:45p. When we tried to check in for the new movie at 6p, my app said that I already had an existing reservation. But when I went to cancel it said I didn’t have a pending reservation. Ugh! We gave up after sitting in front of the theater for over an hour and a half.

Great Idea, Awful Co

The service itself has driven me back to the movies after I hadn't been to a theatre in years. Me and my wife have had regular movie date nights due to this service. The company itself is awful, their customer service is some of the worst I've dealt with. Writing them on chat falls on deaf ears. Takes multiple messages and days (if lucky) before they respond, then depending on who u get the answer is different each time. When they reply they immediately close the chat so u can't respond. Today they announced surge pricing coming in July, another bait and switch tactic we've become accustomed to. When this goes into effect so will my account cancellation. I will then be subscribing to AMC's new plan. This company is going downhill fast.

What a joke

In the beginning this app was great but now it’s a joke and I’m seriously considering canceling me and my daughters subscriptions. Now you can only see a movie once so if it’s a great movie and you want to go see it again forget about it. They also started wanting you to take a picture of the stub which is just annoying more or less and then the whole thing where you can’t use more than one phone per account so if your phones dead or you can’t get signal you better have another form of payment ready. While owning my account I have had to buy four tickets because of problems with the app.

Worst Customer Service

I requested for cancellation of service and was attended by a representative named “Wade”. He promised me he will cancel my subscription but still I’m charged for a service that I requested to cancel.And now the customer service is not replying neither the app is automatically cancelling my service. This app should be banned from App Store for robing people.

Unresponsive customer service

So disappointed with this service.Even they don’t have customer support. I never used my pass with other device apparently my account showing linked to other device and not allows to logging with my devise.

Worth the $10

Works like they advertised. I go in, check in and print my ticket. Price of pass pays for itself within one movie. If someone is complaining they are more than likely nitpicking. The only reason I didn’t give 5 stars is because you can’t reserve ticket through app before going to movie and if your cased is lost or stolen there’s a $10 fee. Other than that no issues.

Poor Business Decisions

I’m disappointed in the companies leadership. I don’t like the new terms. I signed up to enjoy everything they used to offer, and now it’s not worth the money anymore. Poor business model. Fix the poor leadership and business practices to gain customer loyalty and trust, then I’ll return.


It is a great deal. Love going to movies. Havent had any problems

Bad app

This app never works. The subscription was great until I was no longer able to use it. Their tech support is no help. They cannot fix it efficiently.

Scam - dont get ripped off

Movie pass is broken. Half the movies I went to wouldn't let me check in. Customer service is a chatbot, slow, ineffective, and insulting. They refuse to offer refund or credit for failed check ins. They took months initially to send me my card. It's a scam. Don't get ripped off.

Pass didn't work, customer service terrible.

I went to use my pass for the first time, and it didn’t work. The card it didn’t work even though I was checked in. Then, it would not allow me to cancel the check in and try again. And even though it says you can get live help if you run into problems, it just sends you to the same unhelpful drop down article over and over again. Then, the customer service was awful. I ended up paying for the movie separately. No response to the fact that the card it didn’t work (just an admonishment that if I cancel I’ll be barred for nine months from signing up again), and when I contacted them again, no response at all. I’m going to try the AMC pass.

No customer service

Pay for monthly sub AND you have to buy your own tickets when there are errors. Customer service doesnt even exist. Bye bye movie pass and hello amc A-list. Rather pay 20 a month and get LIVE customer support


I’ve never reviewed an App before in my life but this is one is a special type of terrible. Save yourself the trouble, you’ll never actually get to see any movies and their Customer Service is really bad.

This business should survive for long

Very nice idea and beneficial for movie lovers.

Verification photo doesn’t work

You need to fix the bugs in the ticket verification process before telling people they have to use it or they will get kicked off MoviePass forever.


Honestly not having a number to contact for immediate troubleshooting is ridiculous. The amount of times that I’ve had issues with making a reservation and then it not being there when I go to buy a ticket is absolutely ridiculous. Then the only resolution is to do a support chat that can take up to 30 minutes for someone to get back to you. The frustration from this service is not worth the perceived “deal” you are getting. You will not be getting anymore business from myself, my family, or any of my friends. Nice idea, awful execution. Hire some decent coders and invest in your own infrastructure.

Worked great until....

Loved MoviePass until they started requiring a photo of your ticket stub. It won’t upload. Numerous tries. Doesn’t work. My husband has the same problem. I’m hoping they don’t freeze my account due to their issue with the app.

Awesome App!

Love watching 1 movie a day! Sad you can not watch the same movie twice anymore. I have had a problem with taking a photo of my ticket & it not loading. All I had to do was log out and log back in and it worked! I was able to successfully upload a photo of my ticket.

Stop pushing your crappy investments on us

I don’t want to see Gotti. Just because you decided to invest what little cash-in you receive to a crappy movie doesn’t mean I’m interested in seeing it.

Garbage app and awful customer service

Their customer service is the worst, very unresponsive (took over 3 months to get a refund on a movie they had said to purchase out of pocket since their app was having issues) and their buggy app creates repeated problems. Most recently it states that my app is on an unauthorized device and won’t let me login - although this is the only device I’ve ever used.

Worst customer service ever!

I wanted to give a 0 star. Unfortunately there is no option to do that!

Awesome and more awesome

Easy to use. Friendly support. Great movie notifications

Horrible customer service!!!

I NEVER received my MoviePass card!!! I reached out to them and they sent me a email saying they would send a replacement card and after waiting my 7-10 business days still no card!!!! They should have a phone number so that you can reach them, not just send a email!!! I’m just gonna cancel it’s been almost 2 months and I didn’t get to see 1 movie!!!

No brainer for moviegoers!

Works especially well at Landmark theaters which has the electronic ticketing and seat selection.

The new update broke the app.

After I check in and comes to the page where you have to take a picture of the stubs, nowhere does it allow me to cancel my check in to watch another movie. Had to skip watching movie bc it doesn’t let me cancel it. Please fix now! And the taking a pic of the movie stub is another hassle which I don’t know why they implemented. App is getting more inconvenient and broken

Great Deal!

Love the service! Netflix of Movie theaters!

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