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Pick a day

Please add pick a day option for movie times. You can only pick from today only. I am wanting to get movie tickets for a few days in advance but MoviePass doesn’t have this option. Please add this option.

Movie ratings

The order of the thumbs up and down backwards to me. Accidentally hit wrong one couple times wish I could change rating of movies I’ve seen.

I don’t want I heart radio included

Why can’t I sign up without the I heart radio trial, I thought it was for 10 dollars but it has a higher price when I try signing up. Help

Simple concept - amazing value

I love that I still get Regal Rewards points when using movie pass. Biggest perk since I go to the movies so often. Simple - perfect. LOVE IT. Customer service was instant via text with a rep in the app to activate and get me going. The activate wasn't allowing me to check-in and I was already running late for the first use of the card. 3 minutes issue was sorted and I was on my way. I praise great-customer service when credit is due Thanks gents for this amazing concept and business model

Be very careful

First of all it was good at the beginning other than it took them over a month and a half to get my card. Once I got it everything went amazing saw a bunch of movies and then they decided to cancel me out. The only reason they said was u saw a premium movie which I didn’t. They finally got a phone number and they told me the movie theater charged my card twice. Not my fault but they still won’t restart service with me. The best part they said my wife’s card was only charged .30 cents my card charged the full amount!!!! So it was the same as if both cards were used. They didn’t get charged more! So be very careful and make sure idiots at the movies don’t charge your card twice.

Don't do it!

Although this SOUNDS like a good deal it is NOT! We signed up for a card for each of us, we are retired. But as soon as we tried to see more than two , three movies suddenly things began to go wrong. we were DENIED access to signing In, they offered a variety of EXCUSES such as reinstalling the app, signing in and out of the app etc. etc. don't waste your time, it's simply not worth the hassle!! We are simply a retired couple trying to follow the rules and we are getting screwed.


I’m about to get charged for my second month and still haven’t received my card in the mail. If your closest theater supports mobile ticketing that would be fine. But I live in LA and the two closest theaters within walking distance don’t, so I’ve been waiting on my card. They sent an email three days after I signed up asking if my card had arrived yet. It hadn’t, so I sat on the email for a couple more business days before trying the link in the email. Well the link was deactivated by that point. So I waited a couple more weeks trying to remain patient, still no card. I tried using their in app customer support messaging and I got an auto-response and it’s now been four days since then. Worst service I have ever seen for a nationwide company I have ever experienced. It’s a card, my bank can send me a new debit card in the mail within two business days. Absolutely ridiculous.

Amazing a must have

Amazing this is a must have

Missing card

Ive been waiting for my card for a month now and ive email my request in several times and no reply from them! Worst app ever waste of $10! It would be better if they contact me back but nothing from them!


Truly amazing


App said my card was active. Drove 20 miles to the movies only to find that my card was not active. I contacted support and they “activated” my card. I went to another theatre and tried to check in. The app said my card was NOT ACTIVE. I’ve contacted support again and have not heard anything for three days now. Unless you want to use MoviePass for eTickets only, don’t get this service.

Was about to sign up

After debating for months I finally decided to pull the trigger and get this service. Until I read that it is no longer 1 movie a day per month but 4 total a month. I have zero interest in iheartradio so no desire to get a smaller than advertised service. If they change back to their previous offer I will get it but not now

Not happy

All my friends told me about this app and wanted me to get it since they have it to go to the movies all the time. I downloaded it and it wants me to pay for 3 months right away and I can only see up to 4 movies a month. They can all see one movie per day and only pay monthly. I will not be paying. This is not a great upgrade to receive new customers

Get this ASAP.. you will be thankful

Just got my card after a week and I have to say that this is amazing. I have been waiting for something like this for many years. The app is fluid and easy to use as well. Congratulations MoviePass.. you have a lifetime user in me. Thank you.

Current version buggy- drains battery

After checkin for movie if you leave it running, drains battery and phone heats up. Battery shows 99% drain from this app.

Default Theater

My husband and I each have a Movie Pass. We’re retired and on rainy days we love going to the show. Because of free admission with our Movie Pass we’ve seen some great shows that we wouldn’t have chosen if paying full price. While we’re waiting in line to purchase tickets we tell folks about Movie Pass. We’ve also told friends and they’ve already got their cards. One thing that would make your app much better is to allow users to pick their default theater. When using the app now we have to go through multiple screens just to bring up our local theater. Please make it more user friendly by allowing folks to pick their default location.


This is a great app!

I have seen movies I never thought I would see

I have seen movies I never thought I would see. I don’t have enough money to watch all the movies I would like to watch so I used to barely go to the cinema. With moviepass, I have been able to watch even the ones I never thought I would see

Uploading not working

I am trying to upload my movie tickets Stubbs and I am getting error message. This is going on for last two visits. I am still able to see movies.

This company is a Scam

I purchased a movie pass over a month ago and once it arrived I have been unable to use it. I’ve called customer service and it just says that all representatives are busy at this time and then it just hangs up in you. I put in a ticket with the help desk over a week ago and still no one has replied back to me so that my card can be properly activated. This company is a scam and there is no customer service what so ever.

How to deactivate subscription?

I am experiencing bad customer services from MoviePass! No responses and not users friendly!

Decided not to get after reading

I was almost done signing up and I read you only get 4 movies per month instead of everyday like my daughter has. The reviews sound like a horrible experience with app. I found some articles that sounds like this company is going under and I can see why.

Cool when it works...

It’s a pretty neat service when it actually works. It took a very long time for them to send me my card, and when I finally got it, it didn’t even come activated, and there was no option to do so in the app. This made using the pass at theaters without e-ticketing impossible. Support still hasn’t responded to me. It’s cool to be able to see a movie every day, but when I have to pay out of pocket because the service I’m paying for has a glitch in their app, it makes it quite useless, and a bit of a waste. If customer service ever gets back to me and fixes my card, maybe I’ll come back and update my rating. I wouldn’t mind so much if more theaters offered e ticketing. Fix it MoviePass...

Doesn’t work

Received my card and the day I got it the option to activate it disappeared. Now it’s been over a week of it just saying card processing and so it’s completely useless. I’ve emailed twice now and it takes over a week for anyone to get back to you. There’s also no number you can call to get help so you just have to wait while you’re still paying for the service.

Worst app ever

The first 1.5 months everything worked well then got email saying I had been selected where I have to take pic of movie stub. I have no problem with that. B u t. The same day I got the email the movie pass check in kept coming up your session has expired and paid out of pocket for two movies since the response time was so delayed and the movie was starting. The next time still same thing And then again they did manually check me in And the 3 rd time no response from Contact us at all while I sat in car for 30 minutes to see if they could manually check me in Still No Response So if you want high blood pressure, aggravation, And discontentment then go ahead and get this app Maybe they’ll improve down the road But enough is enough

Not working at all

Please help. I bought this for the convenience and it has failed 4 times. 4 trips to the theater and 4 times failed... so sad. Please help us out!

Bait and switch

Everywhere you read you can access one movie a day for $9.95 a month. However with the current iheart radio special you have to sign up for the radio promotion and you only get 4 movies a month. That is the only option. Where is the advertised daily movie option? I feel sorry for anyone who does not read the fine print and gets stuck with this bad deal.

No stars!

I was going to sign up for movie pass b/c I was told you could use it to see a movie every but when I almost finished the sign in process it said there was a limit of 4 movies a month!! Forget that!

Poor customer service

Impossible to reach anyone and account management is difficult to navigate. Our three month paid subscription expired and never received a renewal notice. Now one of our accounts is locked out and we can’t reach anyone to solve....


This was great when we first signed up a few months ago, but over time they have added more things that you have to do in order to get a ticket, such as giving them access to your camera. That is a safety and privacy issue! That should not be added to it! Also, it is not letting us get tickets the past few times without having to pay extra money. They call it a split tender transaction, which as they explain it on their website means that you Try to get an upgraded movie ticket such as 3-D, etc, but we have just tried getting regular tickets. We have never tried getting an upgrade a ticket and it has not cover the cost and they would not reimburse us. The whole point of having this movie pass is so that you can actually get tickets for the $10 a month. The last ticket we try to get they only covered six dollars of it and today’s it didn’t cover the whole cost either because the movie prices at Cinemark went up. They tell you you can get kicked out of using MoviePass, If you were paying any extra on a ticket for it being a split tender, but we have never gone against the rules and yet they are still not being covered. I have emailed multiple times and try to talk to customer service and no one will get back to me! Go back to how it was in the beginning and it would be great

Terrible app great service

I use my pass four days a week and love seeing 20 movies a month for 10 bucks However the app is terrible it never works which means you have to call. Calling support is a hour wait

Rules change

Use to be ok but they keep changing the rules and you have to get a new e-mail and then sign up for a a new account that is not as good as the one you had. Don’t brother with this bait and switch operation.

I really want to like this service but they keep doing things that make me mad

A week ago, I received an email from MoviePass saying that I now had to submit a picture of every ticket I purchase through the service. That’s mildly annoying. What’s majorly annoying was they had already updated the app to accommodate this change and broken it. I have not been able to check into any movies since this happened. I get an error that I have been logged out. I’m able to log out and log back in but it still didn’t work. I uninstalled and reinstalled, still no luck. There was no way to call them so I had to message them through the app. It took progressively longer for them to respond and check me in manually until tonight when they never responded. I finally was able to get them to respond via Twitter. They checked me in finally but I missed 45 minutes of the film that I had paid for a ticket for my wife to see with me. This, on top of the shady way they explained the service when I subscribed which included a $20 service fee that was not explained in the offer, have just about burned all my patience with them. The fact that it was working well initially got them back a lot of good will but all this crap with the app being broken for over a week and them not fixing it is BS. I missed a chunk of two other movies but tonight was the worst. They can’t reimburse me for my time or the experience with my wife

Great concept- Horrible CS

Been a member a few years now. The service is sound but the customer experience should anything go wrong is nonexistent. I’d kill to go in and work with them on the customer experience/service culture but they’re more interested in promotions than promise. I’ll keep the faith that one day they’ll see that they can have profit and customer satisfaction. The two aren’t mutually exclusive.


I went back to Yuma Arizona & it said they were accepted there, when I got there it didn’t show no shows & then I cancelled it so I never used it & then today they took away 9.95 which it’s their subscription and And so I see if I can use the MoviePass and it says my account is not active so I paid even when I cancelled it what a dumb thing.

My favorite app

I heard about this service and then read the reviews and was a little nervous. It was incredibly easy to use and I had zero issue using it. Went to the theatre, checked in on the app and then went to the ticket counter. They swiped my card and gave me my stub.

Received card in mail. Says card not active

Won’t let me activate it... really???

Best subscription!

Honestly, I don’t understand how they’re pulling this off but I’ve enjoyed every minute of it. Not always the best at customer service but I’ve rarely needed them and my card has worked EVERYWHERE! Love this service. Keep it up guys.

Getting better.

Updating my previous review. They were one star for no responses, but I am upping it to three because they responded by social media. Go to their Facebook page and they respond more quickly. You can also contact them by messenger. They gave an explanation, somewhat, and promised to get my wife her card. Reserving remaining stars until we actually get to use it, but will update then. They also gave a customer service number which is very helpful. Thank you for improving your customer service. Now if we can just actually get her card in our hands too. Now going back to one star because her card is still not activated. Great idea crippled by horrible execution.

It’s a scam.

Every time the app updates the cards quit working for a week. It wouldn’t be bad if it didn’t update almost every week. I’m my opinion it’s a scam and you’re wasting your money.

Stupid app not working

I headed to the box office and they told me the card didn’t go through. I checked in beforehand and made sure I got the right screening. Definitely obnoxious

Customer service

Non existent customer service

Love It.

I was a little skeptical when my friend first told me about MoviePass. I was thinking to myself his is probability just one of those cheap money laundering apps, but I was like what the hell let’s give it a try. And I have to be honest the first time I signed up for this (me and my friend signed up together) I was unfortunately one the costumers that never received their moviepass. card. But no issues I signed up again this time with a different email and as soon as I received my card I went that same day and saw a movie and AMC! It worked amazing! And since then it’s been savings me a lot of money! Definitely recommend it. Cheap and a great service.

Great service, crummy app

I can't say enough about how great the concept for MP is. But the app is very bare-bones, the design is not intuitive and it all feels very beta. It's been around long enough to be better than this. But don't let that discourage you from MP, because the service overall is awesome!

Non existent customer support

I have had movie pass for three months now and have easily spent one of those months on dealing with problems. You can email customer support twenty times before getting a response, and even though there is a phone number on the back of the card to call, all you will get is a recording saying they are too busy to route you to a representative and to try again later. Worst customer support of any company I have ever dealt with.

The best

All this low stars r bunch of crying idiots. When u sign they clearly tell u to wait 10-15 days for card and after no issues . All u people want is free service At least tell the truth and stop lying Movie pass is the most amazing company hope u guys stay in business and go public one day, God Bless, saved so much money already.

Never received my card

I ordered movie pass almost 2 months ago and I still haven’t received my card or refund. After not receiving the card in the mail after my 2 week deadline I contacted them through every mean available. The automated computer response they have on twitter kept telling me that they sent a new card but it never came. MoviePass doesn’t have any way of communication that works and they don’t care about the customer. Many people I talk to have received their MoviePass but I haven’t. If MoviePass could find any way to give me my FULL refund or actually send my card this would be a 5 star review. All I want to do is watch movies but I ended up wasting $105 on literally nothing but frustration.

No Customer Service

We received MoviePass as a gift last month and have yet to be able to use it. They had our original movie pass in the wrong name so the card didn’t work. We called and emailed for about a week before anyone got back to us. They said they would send a new card overnight. Well three weeks later we get the new card in the mail however there are two cards and NEITHER will activate. Have called and email and still no one has gotten back to us about it. It’s ridiculous to pay over $100 for something and not be able to use it a month after receiving it.

Love it

Amazing idea and really works!!!! Thank you. Better purchase than Netflix, and Hulu!

April 19 App update

The "bolder" look is ugly, clunky, and when a movie has a lot of show times they are not shown unless you scroll them left to right. Dates were removed in the movie history. 2 stars. (February 2018) They had a few updates that made the app look a little cleaner and better to use. Dates in the movie history returned. 3 stars (March 2018) Many bugs and issues in this last update rendering this app cumbersome to use. Timing out: I arrived at the theater, but it wouldn't let me check into a movie. It repeatedly said my time expired. Crashes: I saw an update. Updated. Opened the app. The app crashed every time I use the Theaters tab and locate my theater. Login credentials not valid: I logged out and logged back in. It said my credentials weren't valid. I was forced to reset my password to log back in even though my password was correct. Ticket stub verification: Another new thing that wasn't here yesterday: it asked me to verify my movie ticket stub by taking a picture after purchasing it. I don't see a reason for this tbh other than to put fear into moviepass subscribers' hearts about not violating terms and services. So cumbersome. Duplicate show times: Movies times are listed twice for each theater creating too much clutter. It's unsightly. I'm pretty good with tech, but I would imagine all the phone illiterate users will take issue with this app's recent update. Still works, but barely, and feels like it won't work at any time. 1 star. (April 12 2018) Theater tab no longer crashes. 2 stars (April 14 2018) Rating movies is pretty cool, I guess. Taking a picture of ticket stubs is still annoying. My last movie didn't even show up in my history. 2 stars. (April 18 2018)

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