MoviePass App Reviews


Loving movies & being on a small fixed income generally means having to be VERY discerning when deciding which movies to see in the theater & which to wait for on cable/streaming, but with MoviePass I can see everything I want to see and I never feel like I’ve wasted money if I don’t love the movie. There are restrictions, of course, but I’m not interested in IMAX or 3D, and AMC is generally the last place I care to go. My favorite theaters accept MoviePass, from the revivals to the indies to the local chains. MoviePass was made for people like me! I read all about the issues people have so I was nervous, but it worked from the go for me & after a month my husband got an account as well so we can now see movies together at night for the first time in YEARS! It’s fantastic! It would be 5 stars & an A+ if not for the recent redesign of the app. I absolutely hate it. Not only does it feel bulky, but light text on a dark background is never a good look nor is it a good idea as it causes eye strain for many people. I found the previous design perfectly legible & intuitive. Please give users the option to switch to a light background with dark text.

Wasted 20 mins standing at the theater, didn't see movie*

Gave up and went home after waiting for a response from customer service that never came. App won't activate my card, currently feeling like I've been scammed. *Edit: eventually I got a call back from their customer service. Deleting and reinstalling the app seemed to clear things up. I went back to the theater and successfully did the transaction. So it worked out in the end, with an extra half hour of headache that would have been nice to avoid.

App update is terrible

Great you guys want it to look better, but why does looking better mean zero functionality. Not for the first time do I get to my local theater and discover that my MoviePass app will not connect, can’t login, can’t reserve my ticket. Your product isn’t really that great of a deal when it doesn’t work.

Login is broken

The new update won’t allow login, really unfortunate considering all the good movies out right now.

Fine when app works however half of the time you can’t check in to your movie

If the app works, it’s great. However, I’ve had to pay for movies twice because the app failed and the phone number on back of the card said busy and call back later. They need to make it so you just have to use the card and skip the app. Guess it’s how they plan to make their money off of us. Not allow us to check in. Now I understand their business model. Wish the app would work. Has many different failed reason messages: failed to load theaters, failed text error, login failed, etc.

Update broke it

Can’t check in to movies, can’t load account info, reinstall doesn’t fix

Go back to the previous style

This app update is not fantastic. It’s much slower and it takes more time to narrow in on a theater pinned on a map just to see the movies playing there. Tapping the “movies” icon at the bottom is pointless because it’s a blank screen and no movie listings populate. I really wish the update(s) was better and created an improved experience but it’s leaving me wishing I never had gotten the update at all.


Movie pass updated the app and now it doesn’t work. You’ll be wasting $10 because you’re unable to check in and use your card. I will most likely be canceling movie pass because of this. The app worked fine and looked fine before. It needs to be fixed.

App not working

App doesn’t work. This needs to be fixed ASAP

This service and app is terrible

Their so called chat option never yielded a response and now that the updated the app it won’t fetch any data and says to try again later. I’m probably going to cancel my membership soon.

Basic, but usable

The new redesign made the app finally usable. No more confusing icons and logicless navigation. But the app is very basic. I'd like to see sharing option so I can send my husband the movies with times and theaters I picked so we can decide together what to see. Also there's no feedback button in the app so I'm writing my feedback here instead.

Absolutely Amazing

My moviepass came a week after my order. Works at all the theaters around me! A lot of the people complaining are making a big deal out of something that can be fixed by deleting and reinstalling the app.

Huge improvement

Original app was pure disaster. Had to uninstall each time to book for the movie. I was just inches from canceling the whole thing. Since update I have no issues whatsoever. Check in. A few second got message that I can go pick up my tickets. No more stupid questions. Or freezing app. Since is fairly new it is still quite simple. Would be nice to see some recommendations for movies or rating system. On another hand I can do it with other 150 apps. Lets keep it working - many times simpler is better. I will give full 5 stars when I hear back from support for the first time :(. This is in Non-existing part of the company.

Too good to be true

Bad customer support - I didn’t get my card within a month and the customer support never responded to my requests.

Great new interface

I really like the new interface. Everything works great for me. Much better than the old UI with distorted comic sans instructions.

Movie pass intermittent

Love the concept. Bought two of them and it works 50% of the time. Judy had to pay joe 2 movies because the system did not work at the theater. No response from customer service!

Can’t get past the instructions

I signed up for the monthly Moviepass on the app and paid my money but was unable to get past the instructions screens. The “Done” in the lower right of the screen does not respond. So, I cannot use the app at all. The worst.

Excited about new design

Movie pass was getting a ton of feedback about their archaic looking app, and now they’ve completely redesigned the UI to be more intuitive and engaging. I’m excited to use it... but also a bit nervous. Judging by some other reviews, it seems the 3.- version of the app has server fetching and geographical issues (which would be a major problem, more so than an old looking app that actually worked). I haven’t used it yet, so I can’t confirm, but I’m excited to see that the company sends out surveys regarding user experience and actually listens.

Finally updated!

This new update fixes all my issues and after 3 months have finally been able to use the card. Whole process was seamless

Unable to login after app update

The update requires login. I entered correct email and password and got message that my subscription was not update to date. I tried to login using desktop pc, no problem. Wait for a day, i was able to login again. Terrible app. They prompt a message to ask user to login again after a day to so before of the update.

Bad theater marker placement

Had to drive across the street to check in when I was standing right next to the kiosk. FIX IT!!!

❤️❤️I love MoviePass ❤️❤️

Love the app and everything about it, MoviePass is worth every cent. The app just got updated feels great on the iPhone X before it was kinda hard to use but it’s fixed, now it just needs trailers on the movies when you click on them and location and the theaters on the history it might be little things but it would make the app just a little bit better.

Can’t sign up!

The app has bugs: I can’t sign up! Shipping address fields don’t work! I tried MANY times from my iPhone and from my laptop (windows) - no success! Please fix that! And I’ll renew my review and rating. Thank you!

So much more sense

Didn’t realize you’d updated, and went to us MP last night. It just makes so much more sense! Great redesign!

Can’t login

Having an issue with logging in it won’t let me! And every time I said forgot password it wouldn’t send me a link to reset it! I even went to the main site and tried resetting it, and still nothing. Please fix this!!! I’m going crazy! I was stuck outside of a movie theater yesterday and couldn’t go in because the stupid app logged me out and wouldn’t let me login!

Nice Idea, Poor Execution

I really enjoyed MoviePass when I had it. However, I put my account on hold and am no longer offered an option to reactivate my account. The app and website seem like they were developed by monkeys from the 90’s. Even after the “redesign” the app is still plagued with bugs.

Nonexistent Customer Support

The Customer Support portal is an absolute void. No responses to the questions that I’ve submitted multiple times over the course of two months. I’ve never once given an app a poor rating until now. Truly terrible customer service.

Location selection not working

Please fix the location selector. Great service, mediocre app

Almost there.

I like the whole idea of the MoviePass and it’s great. Here are some functionality’s that I would love to see in the future updates. 1. To be able to add the movie pass credit card to Apple Pay. 2. Movie Trailers. 3. Choose your seat. 4. Save your favorite theaters.

Cannot login or even reset my password.

Cannot login via Facebook or use my email to reset password. Opened a support ticket 4 days ago but have not heard anything back.

Love the new UI

If you love movies, this is the app for you. Also, the new UI is so much easier to use. Thanks, devs!

Great deal of the decade

Using MP is excellent and flawless.

Unusable App

The app's location services no longer works for any theatre I try to go to. I wouldn't recommend to anyone. I felt like this was too good to be true and after two months of using the card, I believe I was right.

App User

The Theater location cannot be change after this update. However, this app is still a big improvement from the previous version.

Does this update come with customer support?

This app gets one star forever until they respond to my MULTIPLE requests for support in DECEMBER. What a horrible way to do business.

Don’t update

The app totally useless after recent two updates. I got error messages “can’t retrieve movies info..” “can’t retrieve theatres...”. I can’t even check my account info, app shows my billing address not available. Can I roll back to the old version?

Love it.

I love going to see movies in theaters. With MoviePass, it’s so much easier and cheaper. The way theaters are today, they charge a ridiculous amount for a ticket, but I love being able to pay $10/month and see a movie a day. Also the new app design looks great.

Great idea... worst customer service ever!

Both my wife and I signed up for MoviePass. At first it worked fine. For some reason my wife’s card was canceled. She contacted support and was told that the movie theatre tried to charge her card for two tickets, which we definitely did NOT do even attempt. The rep said there was nothing she could do except out our support request in the queue. She had no idea how long it would take to resolve. In the meantime, MoviePass is still charging our credit card. Ugh! 😒

Great concept, horrible customer service

MoviePass is one of the rare things in life that seem too good to be true but end up being a real treat. With the recent overhaul of the application, the service is one step closer to being a solid offering. However, the main problem with this service that prevents it from being a home run is the customer service - if you’re even lucky enough to talk to someone. Overall there is still potential here.

Unable to log in since the app update

Most frustrating experience with numerous attempts to login and reset password have failed with messages saying something went wrong and that the email link has expired. Need to fix this ADAP. I see class action lawsuits coming if not handled soon!!



Not work when at theater several times

In the past it worked fine, but recently, for a few times, when I arrive the theater, the app can’t load any movies or theaters so I can’t check in. Also, some theaters are just taken out of the list quietly without any notes or explanations.

I can't sign up. This seems like a bad business model

The app seems very buggy. I'm trying to sign up and I keep getting an error message when I try to enter my billing address. I love the premise of this program, but the execution seems wildly flawed.

Horrible app but good price

Recently checked in and the movie was already sold out. Went to another theatre and the app was unable to cancel my original reservation. Kept trying to cancel to use it in the other theatre but the app kept saying it was cancelled but wouldn’t let me check in. So far it’s been a total waste.

Awfully working app plus zero user support! Shame on u

When moviepass made the major update last week, my daughters app stopped working: it does not let us login, it does not send reset password anywhere. But - tadaaa! - moviepass did NOT forget to charge monthly payment yesterday. I have used in-app chat from my app. No reply at all. I sent them the issue description via “create a ticket” support mail. Zero reply. I have written them a message via facebook - zero reply Guys are you out of your mind? You take the money and give no support in case of trouble. Waiting for your reply asap. You already have successfully ruined the weekend. Thanks.

Terribly disappointed

My logins stopped working nearly a week ago. I’ve reached out through every available avenue with not even an acknowledgment email. The customer service phone number is just a recording telling you to reach out through one of the other options that doesn’t work. Buyers beware.

Bugs, not a mature update

First, the update does look nice. Clearly there was effort put in, and I appreciate that. However, basic UI functionality has been overlooked in regards to the account details. If you want to view your account details, there's no problem. BUT, to make changes is impossible because: a) the back error disappears when you tap 'Change' so you can't leave this screen and b) you can type whatever changes your heart desires but the changes don't take never there's no 'Done' button. Once you tap 'Change' you're stuck there, you have to close the app and open it again to do anything.

App doesn’t work, can’t even join

When you go to create an account on the app it says enter address and when you try it says “can’t load search results”. This is a flaw it says they before I even enter anything, and is still there when I event my address. Because of this error I am unable to join. On the website they are now making people play $115.95/ year however advertising it as $7.95/month + a $19.95 start up fee. But that is just false advertisement because they will charge for the whole year at once. I have wrote on their social media, emailed them... no response. The app as I said is flawed, there new promo is nothing but false advertisement... defiantly not a trustable company. Who knows if they will even be in business 1 year from now...

Can’t log in after update

Worked fine until app was updated. Now can’t log on. Have tried multiple times to have password updated but they never send email to update. Difficult to contact and no response to “ticket” that was opened regarding this issue.

Total Scam

Have had this since September of 2017. HAVE NEVER ONCE BEEN ABLE TO USE IT. Multiple calls and emails to customer service and unable to get a hold of ANYONE. Attempted to cancel several times and THEY KEEP TAKING MY MONEY! Will be going through my bank to block the charges from my account. Total waste. They are making money hand over foot while no one can use their product.

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