MoviePass App Reviews

Terrible customer service

Noone responds to customer service messages. I have an error checking into movies/ activating card and it says to contact customer support. I have several times over several days and noone will respond to me 😡

Great Idea to save on movies

I subscribe to NETFLIX and Now Movie Pass, great way to enjoy movies at a fraction of the cost.

Doesn’t work

Customer service doesn’t get back to you no matter which platform you try. My card arrived and the app doesn’t allow me to check in to movies. It says “your account is in an incorrect status to create reservations. Please contact customer support”. Customer support has not replied and if you look online, several other users are having the same issue. I’m pretty bummed because I’ve had to drive out to two theaters now while trying to activate it.

Terrible customer support

I received my card within a reasonable amount of time. The problem is that apparently something with my account and I had to contact support within the app. That has been 24 hours ago with no response.

Seems like a fishy company...

After they take your money, there is virtually no customer support. Once I received my card in the mail, there was no way to activate it. Calling the phone number on the back of the card just reaches a recorded message telling you to go to the app. The chat support in the app doesn’t respond. Worthless.

terrible customer support

once you receive your card you will wait weeks and weeks to get the card processed, despite paying for the account. basically you're unable to use it for the entire first month you get it, and you have to hound them continuously to get the card to start working. awfully disorganized company.

Avoid at ALL costs.

Once you have an account you can’t delete it. They will continue to spam you to the point of utter ridiculousness. They don’t respond to support requests. Cancelling an account via the app doesn’t work. Apple needs to remove this app until MovePass fixes the cancel account functionality. Filed complaints with the State of NY and FTC for CAN-SPAM violations. Run FAR FAR away.

Great offer... when app is working

Customer service told me to pay for a ticket out of pocket when the app wasn't working, however I have yet to receive a refund on the ticket or hear from them at all. Never pay for it out of pocket... go early in the day to buy your ticket.

Worst experience

I enrolled for membership . But when I tried to login on the app , it displayed ‘ no matching credentials found’ . The same login is works for the website and I am able to login . When I try to reset password via app , the message displays that we will receive an email with the instructions to reset the password. However, I have not received any SINGLE email . Contacting customer support is a worst experience. I submitted the issue ticket at least 5-6 times but did not hear from them. It’s a waste of money and time . I shall give it zero star and will stop this service .

Exceptional Idea.

This is the best thing since sliced bread. Whoever came up with this idea is a genius and an angel. I have total faith in the MoviePass business. People’s need will speak for itself. Companies like AMC are fools and are clearly being run by ancient old white businessmen who have no idea what business is anymore. MoviePass will bring cinema back. It will give people a reason to get off Netflix, and off their beds. Last time I checked, AMC’s declining business needed more guests. Because right now, THEIR business is reliant on charging guests $10 for a tiny packet of popcorn. With MoviePass, people will crowd up the theaters again. Anyone who is a backlash to the MoviePass idea, is a TOTAL idiot. My blessings are with the leaders of this business! Rooting for you guys.

App is terrible

The app is awful. The service is great and I don't regret signing up for moviepass. They most definitely need to work on making a nicer app tho.

Never seems to work

Two out of the three times I’ve attempted to use this app and my card to purchase tickets, it hasn’t allowed me to and keeps saying “Failed to make reservation” even though I’m standing in the lobby of the theater and therefore within the 100 yard limit. That means twice I’ve paid out of pocket when I’m supposed to have unlimited movies? I contacted support both times, but they took their time getting back to me, so I had to purchase the ticket myself or miss the movie. Very frustrated with my experience thus far and doubtful if I will continue my subscription.

Activation and support is a HUGE DISAPPOINTMENT!!!

I was so excited to get the movie pass card within 7 days only to find it could not activate. I went to the ticket booth, opened my MoviePass app and tried to check in only to see “ Your account is in an incorrect status to make reservations”. If that was not bad enough I tried contacting support only to be directed to email support and then directed to a support link. I even tried using the help & faq in the Movie Pass app itself. It has now been over 3 hours and NO ONE has gotten back to me. You call the number on the back of the card and get a voicemail though I’m well within the business hours they state. Not worth the hassle!!!!!

When it works, it works.

The app is slow, clunky and sometimes it’s broken overall and doesn’t let you check in to any movie. They don’t have representatives even though they say they do. I called their “live support” only to be rerouted to an answering machine which in turn told me to check in with the, “live chat” in the app. They did not address my issue of not being able to use the app at all. Reinstalling the app fixed the issue. When it works it works, when it doesn’t, it’s frustrating. Hard to complain when I’m paying $10 dollars a month though.


Excellent way to save a lot of money instead of paying expensive movie tickets if you use this thing twice a month you Already saving money

Worst customer service ever

I came to a local theatre with my family and the app completely didn’t work for any of us. We were excited for the experience but it is so not what it’s cracked up to be.

Search is pathetic

Didn't work for searching anything That's one to work on for movie pass

Love it!

Movie pass is awesome. I'm saving so much money.

App needs help

I love MoviePass, it is one of the best subscriptions I do, next to Amazon Prime. But the app needs some serious work.

App login

Have not even been able to login to the app for weeks after getting my new phone. Every sign in attempt gives me a “user cancelled” error and it’s beyond irritating.

Doesn’t work

I payed $10 and when I go to the movies, I can’t even use the card. It says in the customer support that I need to put in the last 4 digits of the card. It doesn’t give me the option because the app is extremely buggy. Bad app and really disappointing.

Scam- beware!!

Yes I know it took a month to get the card, but we were told we could use this app for electronic tickets. Except no theaters offer electronic tickets. Then when you actually use the card, the exact amount is not loaded and you have to pony up about 20-25 cents in cash. And don’t expect a refund- even if you send them a picture of the receipt, they refuse to refund you. I know it’s just cents but the whole point of the card is I didn’t have to pay, I paid the card. The customer service is abysmal and you can only watch a movie title once. This is just a scam, which makes me sad because it could have been a cool thing.

Non-Existent Customer Service

Is this a scam? I got my card, went to the theater, parked but The app wouldn’t work I kept getting an error message. I tried calling, using the chat function in the app and I also sent an email. No response after more than three hours. So I blew the afternoon I took off from work, didn’t get to see a movie and I have to pay for parking


It is impossible to cancel your subscription as the cancel button in app is not functional. The customer support phone number does not work and their in app and online help desk refuses to reply once you indicate you would like to cancel.


I paid my money and got my card in the’s been days. It still doesn’t work. This is a total rip off. DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY!

Do believe the anti hype.

I’m not sure why people think that the customer service associated with a service based app is not relevant to the apps performance but I disagree. Aside from the ridiculousness of waiting two months for a physical card when they repeatedly send emails saying 2-3 weeks is the longest to be expected, there are more important problems. I was charged repeatedly when I did not have my card and could therefore not use this service. No one would respond to me to give me a simple refund. I was fine waiting for my card because of the backup even though some friends who ordered way after me received theirs. I am not okay with being charged money, month after month and not being able to get it cleared up. I obviously appreciate the idea of this app but they are having no trouble collecting the money, they should be able to at least handle charging correctly.

Cannot Activate Card

The only way to activate the MP Card is to use the app. That’s if you can get the box to pop up that asks you to verify the last 4 digits on the card to complete activation. I’ve tried this app on several different devices and tried reinstalling the app numerous times. I still cannot activate the card. I’ve contacted support via the app, Twitter, and email, and still haven’t got a single response. Every single step to use this service has been slow and a hassle. Maybe someday I can actually use this service.


I think this is a scam!!!!! I got my card in the mail and tried to go through all these vague hoops to activate my card within 100 yards of a theater and NOTHING IS WORKING! I am at a supposed verified theater and just had to pay out of my own pocket cause this card is a scam! No one from customer support will even contact me back!!! SCAM!!!!

Too Unreliable

Moviepass is great, when it works. Used it twice with no problems, checked in fine and the card worked. Finally made time to try it a third time today, and the app was down. Couldn’t find any theaters or movies. Turns out there was planned maintenance, which I was never informed of and the app did not state when launching it. But even had I known, the maintenance was supposed to be done by the time I tried to use the app. For this to work, they need to improve their maintenance windows and communication, because without a functional app, the card is useless. I am seriously rethinking this subscription now.

Don’t sign up for this scam

Worthless piece of crap, stole my money, never activated, support is a joke. I’m guessing the folks that gave it 5 Stars here work for this company. Complete unequivocal rip-off.

Great value

This service is one of the best even if only see a few movies a month

Unprepared, underperforming, and non-responsive.

No one on this team was ready for the mass appeal of the re-brand. My moviepass does not function. I was billed almost two weeks ago, received my card 1 week ago, and have gotten no response from the customer service team when my card was declined during the last week. The in app chat feature is unresponsive in its entirety. I wasted my whole night. This is a great idea and it saddens me that the people in charge and who have charged my card are giving the appearance of not caring. Not responding to chats, tweets, DM’s, customer service TICKETS filed on their own website. I’ve never felt compelled to review ANY app - but this is just appalling and I felt a civic duty to warn everyone. Unless they get it together - i.e. a MASSIVE infrastructure overhaul - steer clear.

Horrible don’t buy it!

They have zero customer service. If you lose a card the number you call directs you to the mobile app to zendesk. Nobody responds even after multiple attempts over more than a weeks time. I lost my card and can’t get them to respond so I can get a new one. Then I bought the annual membership for my girlfriend for Christmas. They somehow merged our accounts. So she can’t use her pass and I can’t use mine now even though I paid 90 dollars for the service. Almost 10 days in and nobody has helped. Shady company. They’re stealing and they won’t do anything about it.

Horrible customer service

The customer service for this company is nonexistent. I have sent numerous messages and emails to them, but still cannot get contact back regarding a simple billing mistake.

iPhone X doesn’t work

It was working great and I was enjoying it, however got the new iPhone 10 and the app doesn’t work at all, can’t load profiles, can’t watch movies


I love this service. App needs some polishing though. Today (12-11-17) I cant log in and use it for some reason. I hope they fix it soon.

App was downed

The app cant be logged in to. And cant be registered

Cool service, garbage app

I couldn’t believe it when friends explained the concept of MoviePass. If you see 10 movies a year (at $12 a ticket) then it pays for itself. If you don’t see 10 movies, having “free” access to unlimited movies will increase your viewership well beyond that IMO That said: this app is pretty terrible. - It lacks any kind of intuitive design, - Never updates my location properly unless I close out the app entirely and restart and even then won’t do it properly most times - Doesn’t actually “purchase” your ticket (that is done at the theater with the card provided - mine came within about a week) you are just “checking in” - Requires you be within 100 yards of the theater to “check in” which I don’t feel is well advertised and really changes this concept from “unlimited movie tickets” to “unlimited same-day tickets when you’re close to the theater” so it’s less Netflix and more like the TKTS Booth in New York City - App navigation is sloppy/buggy - The support option opens a full screen window in the app but there is no support inbox so if you close the app or it refreshes in the background - your message is basically out in the ether never to be answered Now, looking back at Netflix back in the aughts it was just as janky and buggy so hopefully some new builds are on the way as this gains popularity... so long as it doesn’t go out of business as many friends have purported. I’ve seen 2 movies in 3 days though so it’s still an amazing concept!

Usually works great but if it doesn’t....

I had this a couple of years ago and it was great. Never had a problem. I just signed up again, got my card, signed into the app and was ready to. This morning the app wasn’t showing any theaters or movies near me, though it’s worked the past few times I’ve looked. I reinstalled the app, now it won’t let me sign in. I called the number on the back of the card, you get a prerecorded message telling you to use the chat feature on the website and are then hung up on. There is no chat feature on the website. There is no menu on the website. I sent an email but have not yet heard back. I’m going to have to cancel plans that I had with a friend. This is bar none the worst customer service set-up I have ever seen.

Horrible App

We just bought the card and downloaded app. We never had everything working okey. Every time the app has issues. I can’t even rate 1 star. It is horrible app!!

The concept is good but....

the service is absolutely terrible! The app barely works and every time I try to reach out and call for support but they never responded. I’m at the verge of canceling my subscription.

Movie pass is very good, easy to use, but the app is trash

Sometimes doesn't work

Ridiculously Inconsistent

I cannot tell you how many times this app has stopped working. It seems like almost once a week I either have to delete and redownload the app, or MoviePass is just having problems of their own. This is one of the most broken apps I’ve ever used and I never know if I’m actually going to get to use my MoviePass card because the card is tied to the app. The service is a great idea and I love the concept of paying a monthly subscription for movies, but I don’t love not knowing whether the app is going to work when I reach the theater. There have been at least three instances so far where I got all the way to the theater only to find that the app was not usable.

App is mediocre at best.

Usually when using the app all goes well, I check-in and buy my ticket. Lately, I cannot even log-in to the app via email or Facebook. “An error has occurred” is what I get. Today I have to purchase a ticket now with my debit card instead of MoviePass because this app is not working, even after I’ve deleted and re-downloaded. It shouldn’t be that difficult the premise of the app is pretty simple.

Janky app

First of all it takes way too long for the card to arrive (and why do we need a physical card in 2018?). This janky app takes forever load and you have to be 100 yards away from the theater to get your ticket. What? Literally every time I’ve gone it’s sold out so I have to wait a few weeks to see the good new movie. Who has time to go to the theater before work to get your ticket for that night? Also the app is janky because even it will show theaters from a different zip code you entered. And I’m literally inside the theater but the app says it can’t find any nearby theaters. Horrible.

The app fluctuates between not working at all and working fine

I love watching movies so this is perfect for me but the app needs serious work and support. It fluctuates between not working and freezing and working fine. It can get pretty frustrating.

App is broken

The app won’t even let me sign in. Tried to cancel my account online, but everything is done through this broken app.

Failed Login

I tried to log in for the first to use it the first time and I get "an error occurred". I had it instated on another phone and it logs in but won't load the user interface. So I couldn't use it. If this doesn't change within the next few minutes so I can go see a movie finally them I'm canceling.

Great program, horrible app

The program is fantastic and my wife and I have used it multiple times already but the app is ridiculously unusable. We have had to delete and reinstall the app for every ticket reserved so far.

App is down following scheduled outage.

Not a reliable app, especially with regard to support.

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