MoviePass App Reviews

This app is awful

Whenever I want to see a movie at a theater that doesn’t support E-Tickets, it tells me I can, but when I get to the theater, it then says ‘no more showtimes available for today!’ This is such a scam.


Movie pass CHOOSES a movie FOR YOU. You don’t get to pick what you get to watch. And now they don’t even let you watch anything on the weekends. Nothing. It’s ridiculous!

No Screenings Available

Basically what everyone else is saying. At the small, four screen theater near me, I can’t currently see any movies. None. MoviePass has limited the daily schedule to a few movies per day, and if they don’t align with what your theater is showing, you can’t see anything. Most of the movies that are playing at the theater don’t appear on their upcoming schedule at all. Going to try Sinemia instead.


I really have loved MoviePass over the past few months even through the changes. But now I am a little disappointed that they are limiting what movies can be seen each day. I really had a movie I want to see before it leaves theaters, but I am seeing now that this movie is not even going to be an option to see on any of the days listed on the website for at least 2 weeks and I do not see the movie lasting too much longer in theaters than that (I do not live near any of the theaters with the e-ticket options available where you can see any movie). I can understand not letting ya see the movie opening weekend because of the crowds, but there are a few movies I was really looking forward to seeing that I may have to pay for separately because they are not options and that gets rid of some of the convenience. Since we are only allowed to see 3 movies a month, I want to see the ones I want to see especially since some of the ones for their select movies for the day are not even showing at theaters anywhere near me. it also makes it difficult seeing that some movies are only offered on certain days of the week. With my work schedule, I can only really go to the movies on weekends and if the movie is only offered on a weekday I will miss out.

Change is not good...

I understand that MoviePass needs to make money and initially thought the new change of only 3 movies a month was fine. The issue is there is only one movie available in my area. What happened to lifting the restriction on newer/more popular movies? It’s almost as if this movie is paying MoviePass to push there one movie by making it the only one available.


The new movie restrictions doesn’t allow me to see the movies I actually want to see. I’m disappointed and I canceled my subscription.


Too many changes to this app. They need to get their act together. One day you can see a movie and the next you can’t and have to pay to see it.

Plan changes

I hate how they just changed the plans, i use to be able to watch a movie twice if i wanted to.. now I can’t. I’m not going to renew my subscription they lost my business.

Liars - It’s all bait and switch

Too many restrictions, can’t see the movie you want when you want. Save yourself the heart ache and go to Redbox or purchase a Streaming subscription



Gone way down hill

This subscription started off incredible! Unlimited movies (1 per day) and any show times for $9.95. But 1 year later and the price is the same, but now it’s 3 movies per month, you can only see each movie one time, and you can’t see any of the newer movies or at any of the popular times. At our theater, where there are 16 movies playing, we have the option to see TWO and only at horrible times. We’re canceling, now that this is a total waste of money.

A lot of bad changes

So when I first got MoviePass I was in love and slowly but surely my love turned into hate. With the new changes I can only see 3 movies a month and any additional movies I watch there will be a charge the reason I got MoviePass was because I was watch around 3 to 4 movies a week. Second I’m only allowed to watch movies that aren’t A-list movies which means no marvel films or movies that I actually want to see. And I can’t see the same movie twice. It’s ridiculous what this has become and I am seriously contemplating not using it anymore and as of right now I don’t recommend anyone get a MoviePass it just isn’t worth the headache when all they do is change the things you love about it every month.

Finally cancelled

I could handle the changes when MP reduced from unlimited movies to three movies per month, but now they’ve reduced which movies you can see and when. Makes going with friends or family who don’t have MP no more fun. Sorry, bye MP. Learn to triage a wound.

They pick ur movie

Wish it was like before where u picked ur own movie .... now they pick the movie you get to watch that day ..... canceled my membership

July updated review

The "bolder" look is ugly, clunky, and when a movie has a lot of show times they are not shown unless you scroll them left to right. Dates were removed in the movie history. 2 stars. (February 2018) They had a few updates that made the app look a little cleaner and better to use. Dates in the movie history returned. 3 stars (March 2018) Many bugs and issues in this last update rendering this app cumbersome to use. Timing out: I arrived at the theater, but it wouldn't let me check into a movie. It repeatedly said my time expired. Crashes: I saw an update. Updated. Opened the app. The app crashed every time I use the Theaters tab and locate my theater. Login credentials not valid: I logged out and logged back in. It said my credentials weren't valid. I was forced to reset my password to log back in even though my password was correct. Ticket stub verification: Another new thing that wasn't here yesterday: it asked me to verify my movie ticket stub by taking a picture after purchasing it. I don't see a reason for this tbh other than to put fear into moviepass subscribers' hearts about not violating terms and services. So cumbersome. Duplicate show times: Movies times are listed twice for each theater creating too much clutter. It's unsightly. I'm pretty good with tech, but I would imagine all the phone illiterate users will take issue with this app's recent update. Still works, but barely, and feels like it won't work at any time. 1 star. (April 12 2018) Theater tab no longer crashes. 2 stars (April 14 2018) Rating movies is pretty cool, I guess. Taking a picture of ticket stubs is still annoying. My last movie didn't even show up in my history. 2 stars. (April 18 2018) The UI looks and feels about the same even if they say it was improved. It was the first time I was ever notified to update this app. The real reason why they wanted us to get this latest update was to enforce a new feature: the "You've already seen this movie," so you cannot watch it again feature. Great... It only takes a handful of idiots to ruin a good thing for everyone. One star. (April 27 2018) Not a fan of the rules, but it's fair. Missing the fact we cannot re-watch a movie. I'm still getting asked to take verification pictures of ticket stubs with each movie, which is a waste of time imo. The app itself has improved though in many good ways. I am getting reasonably timely responses from the in-app texting customer service. In the long run, it helps improve the system because it's our feedback with our personal experiences of facing the in-app problems, and they bandaid our situation right then and there. Three stars. (June 13 2018) In the past week, there have been several outages, movies and movie times have not been showing up, Mission Impossible will be excluded for the first two weeks, and movies would fluctuate from showing up then disappearing throughout the day some actually showing that day and others, like LEGO Batman, would pop up but was not even playing that day. It has not been safe to go out to use MP to get a ticket for this past week. There will be a 50% price increase for the subscription raising it to 14.95 a month. Lastly, peak pricing has felt like a deceptive ploy to get us to pay for tickets for empty theater screens. MP has seen some better days. Now that they have been public exposed, nothing seems to be working now. 1 Star. (July 31 2018) It won’t let me continue/re-activate my moviepass subscription after my last billing cycle. It claims I can re-activate my account today in-app, but the pop up doesn’t go away. Would rate 0 stars. (August 18 2018)

Bye bye bye

Movie pass is going down in flames and it’s time to jump off the boat! After all the turmoil with ticket validation, peek pricing, limited show times, etc. movie pass had supposedly got it together and go to three movies a month. Ha! You can’t even access the app to “reactivate your account” they are are truly the worst. But maybe this delay in the app not working MoviePass has saved me from myself. I think it’s truly time to part ways. Bye movie pass it was fun while it lasted! ✌🏽

No screenings after 9 pm PST.

moviepass trying to cheat their customers by not letting them watch movies.

Does Not Uphold Promises

I purchased a year subscription. I received more than one email saying my plan isn’t affected and that I can watch one movie per day. I still can’t watch any movies as promised. There are no titles “available for screening” as MoviePass so eloquently put it.

Worst purchase ever in my life

Everyday they change rules.. They are not giving what they promised while I purchased the movie pass. If anyone reads this review and buy it then you are a stupid 😜😜.. I know you are not one. So be smart while you purchase movie pass..

Major changes lead to disappointment

I get the limited movie visits a month. What I don’t get is how it picks two movies a day and limited times. It’s 830 at night and I can’t see any movies.


The price is great even with the new limitations but they keep changing their plans and policies and I don’t appreciate it


Used to be great. Now I can’t even see a movie on a Friday night?!? Canceling along with my girlfriends account. Customer service is nonexistent, sending an automated message that might as well be a middle finger. ONE STAR

Sour grapes

Not so hot to be promised an unlimited access, then get limited severely. The limits increased over time until recently. Not only do they limit the number of shows, but it appears that they are limiting which shows can be purchased with movie pass. At this point I’ve seen one move this month on movie pass. I checked daily for what was available but for a whole weekend there were no shows available. Then when it came back online, only two or three of the bottom tier movies were listed. For the past week, only two shows were listed. Maybe I don’t understand how fast it fell apart, but it was expected to be a slower downward spiral (per the hype). So, now I'm very close to going to AMC and signing on their program. Then I’ll probably drop movie pass. Once I quit movie pass, it’s unlikely I’ll return. There will be other competitors who will give a decent deal. It’s my perspective and opinion.

Major update = Dissatisfying

After the big change, I’m really upset that I can’t see any movies that I want to see and like to see. I can only go to the movies and times MoviePass will allow me to see. Not really worth the monthly fee when you can buy cheap matinee tickets, $5 tuesdays, or even buy tickets from Costco and go see the movie you actually want to go see at the time u want to go see it.

What’s the point ??

Well, I checked the app for a movie at my local theater . The app indicated this movie was available . Which was cool because nothing has been available lately . When I got to the theater the app indicated “ no more screenings “ Not the first time this has happened.... it’s ridiculous. What started as a good thing had turned into a huge disappointment !!!!


You can see 3 movies a month for 9.95, however they limit the movies you can see. They don’t allow you to see certain movies when they come out and they restrict the times you can see them as well. As an avid movie fan, I watch quite a few movies a month so in order for this service to benefit me, I need to see the new movies once they come out. I cancelled my subscription because if all the restrictions they have put on their program now. I knew there model wasn’t sustainable and eventually it would change to where it wouldn’t be beneficial for me anymore. The local movie chains are coming out with their own programs that might be more beneficial.

Rip Off

I purchased this 11/18/2017 full price annually 89.95 and I barely go to the movies, maybe once every 2 to 3 months. So I went to go to the movies today to see The Meg with my son and parents, It says This is a Premium and I cannot see this movie. I work all the time and paid for this product to see a movie once in a while. NOPE! This is no longer a Good thing like before. I tried reaching out to customer service by phone and chat. It said they are NOT available. Terrible customer and Awful product. Saving Money I understand but dictating what I can and cannot see is not happening. I had my whole family and Extended family purchase this. You will see a decline in sales because of this. You can’t take people’s hard earned money and then tell them they cannot watch a movie unless they pay again out of pocket. I am so disappointed. I hope you get better before you end up bankrupt. It was Great at first but has declined since 2017.


Don’t believe in their lies


When I first downloaded this app it used to be amazing!! But now it is failing to have all the movies available and doesn’t warn you before getting to the movies and then having to pay for it full priced, I am not happy.

To many changes

Movie pass is now terrible. Can’t see any movie you want anymore and only one or two movie choices available. Better before when all movies and times were available. I’m was fine with the limited three movies per month but you can no longer see what you want.

So done

Used to be wonderful. But like all things, if it sounds too good to be true then it probably is. Don’t even bother. Even if there’s a movie you want to see, there’s no guarantee you’ll be able to see it. My wife and I decided to have a long over due date night and looked earlier to see a 10:10 showing of Christopher Robin. When we arrived at the theater at 9 to pick up our tickets our app no longer showed that as an option. Tried to contact support, and the app chat refused to help, saying it was only helping people at the theaters (which we were). And the phone line said it was closed, yet the site says they weren’t. Thanks movie pass. So glad that the money we paid you is working. After this month is done, so are we.

Annoying rules

This new rules and updates are freakin stupid. I went to the movies and when i was ready to check in the movie had been taken off the app. And i still had an hour till the movie started. Not only they waste my time, but my gas too.

If you like something give it a week

The company soon to be called moviepass has gone through so many changes that I don’t think they can use that name any longer. They now only let you see three movies a month and they only offer a selection of available movies as of today they let you choose between 6 movies but they have also only offered 2 movies. If you have been able to find anything about the service that you like just wait a week they will make a change that makes that feature unavailable


Have no movies available at all! Why all the movies available in the theaters are no available on the moviepass app? It's a waste of money. Really bad experience and no service at all.

Don’t Let the Low Rating Deter You!!!

MoviePass doesn’t even work for me anymore. I tried to go see a movie on a Thursday evening and when I clicked on the theater I water there was only 2 movies that MoviePass had available. I understand that they are making changes so that they have have a prospering company, but nowhere in the emails does it explain that you would be able to see 90% of the movies out at the box office. I would have appreciate that update before I renewed my subscription.

Cannot watch movies anymore

I have annual pass and when i first signed up i could watch one movie per day but i usually watch one per month. Now no screenings are supported by movie pass at any location near workplace and home. I paid out of pocket, in the mean time, i paid for the membership. Also, please change your preview to “No Screenings are supported in this theater/movie pass” since movie pass does not support any of the above listed movies.

Shady Business, Don’t Give Them Your Money

*UPDATE Aug. 2018 The surprises keep coming. With the latest billing cycle I was offered a choice to extend my membership for $9.95 a month with 3 movies. NO WHERE did it say that I was limited to rotating movies and times per day. I completely understand the decisions from a business perspective, HOWEVER, the shady lack of communication is INEXCUSABLE. And just after receiving an email about “better communication” from the liar himself, Mitch Lowe. Now, after a year, I am canceling. On a side note, I couldn’t even see a final movie while waiting for my billing cycle to end, due to the rotating movies. You know people WORK and CAN’T ALL be at the movies at 1 in the afternoon on a Tuesday, right Mitch? *UPDATE Aug. 2018 -Movies not showing up in App- Theaters are only showing a single movie if any movie at all. With their business decision to remove new movies, this is very confusing. At least show the movie in the app grayed out or something, I have NO idea what movie I’m allowed to see. *ORIGINAL Aug. 2017 -Amazing!- Such a great service! We saw Black Panther 5 times and didn’t feel bad about getting snacks and drinks when we normally don’t. MoviePass has gotten us back to the theaters over 6x more.

Stay away

The app is fine—this review is for the company. We bought the Costco promotion few months ago and in a very short time watched MP go from great to terrible. In our area we can see only two films out of eight this evening. No point to continuing our membership—fortunately Costco is refunding the cost of our MP memberships.

Too bad they changed

This was an amazing app and I told all my friends to join. The recent change means there are exactly two movies within an hour of where I live, instead of the 19 movies that are showing.

I feel scammed.

I bought this subscription because I loved to watch movies but my card has been late for almost two weeks now and I just spent 10 dollars for nothing. I feel scammed. Do not buy this subscription


I signed up in April, thinking I got an Easter weekend steak of $79 for a full year of unlimited movies. May 4th rolls around and the Acengers comes out BAM! No longer can I see it twice (which is why I bought the card) only once. Weeks later BAM now there’s an up charge for certain times of the week. Next week BAM I can’t see the big movies (the ones we all want to see) for weeks at a time (in a world of spoilers we obviously can’t wait that long). You won my $79 movie pass. But I’m the end you’re losing millions and millions. When my years up, I’m done for good.

Disappointed! Never buy movie pass again!

The TOS has been continuously changing since I started my membership, and it seems the change will never done (as far as the movie pass business exists). They are limiting a lot things. I have an annual membership, and have the right to see one movie per day. However, these days all the theaters near by have only two movies available. I’m not allowed to see any other movies, though the policy is one movie per day. MoviePass has been limiting the customers a lot on available theaters, movies, show times, but does not provide any way that the customers can complain. So disappointed by MoviePass!!!

MoviePass in Death Throes

MoviePass was awesome for a while. I got the year long plan in January of this year. I’ve seen nearly 40 movies for about $90. Now they are heavily restricting movie choices in hopes that you won’t use it. There’s only 6 movie options daily and some of them aren’t even available to see- “No available showtimes in my area.” So seeing something you want now is a complete crapshoot. I believe this to be the death throes of an awesome but unsustainable business. At least I got my money’s worth!

Not worth it at all.

If I didn’t pay for a year long subscription already, then I’d cancel. I won’t renew. I literally have two choices for movies tonight and neither choice is one I want to see. After a long day at work, I was looking forward to a movie but now I can’t go. Unbelievable. I’ll be switching to AMC movie subscription now.

Scam - avoid

MoviePass just plain lied when I bought my membership. They don’t support the 1 movie a day 1 paid for. Most days they don’t allow me to watch any movies. Some days they allow a movie that’s nobody wants to see. They are cons. This is a scam.

Not even worth it

We used to be able to see movies we actually wanted to see whenever we wanted to, but now the app shows that two movies are available to watch on a Friday, neither of which we would want to see. Even if we wanted to see The Meg - the only day available is Monday the 20th. This app is no longer providing a service I want to pay for.

terrible !!!!

If i could give it 0 stars i would but oh well it’s terrible what happened to the unlimited movies a month it keeps getting worse and worse


I used to recommend to everyone, now it is absolutely horrible!!! I live in NYC and can’t seem to find any theaters that support this anymore! I have paid numerous times out of pocket for my movies and never got reimbursed by the company! Waste of money!! Will tell everyone I know this is a horrible company. You can never contact them either so it’s like you pay a monthly fee, you are unable to use their services, and you cannot even contact them about it! MAJOR RIPOFF!!

Movies Don’t Show Up

Ever since they forced me to “upgrade” (aka threatened to terminate my account if I didn’t agree to see 3-4 movies per week instead of unlimited) I only see the newest releases and nothing else and when I get closer to a theater all of a sudden it only shows formats that “aren’t supported.” Y’all are making the choice much easier for me to figure out whether or not I want to cancel.

Oh why did you change!

Now I can’t see any movies on the weekend. It always shows nothing is available at this theatre. Very disappointing!

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