MoviePass App Reviews

Bait and switch

So I heard good things about Movie Pass but my experience was not ideal. I get messages about activating my card everyday but dont receive it for 2 weeks so message Movie Pass but don’t receive a response. The only way you can contact them is through the app otherwise don’t bother. I received it after waiting over a month. I managed to sign up during the only time they offered IHeartRadio + ONLY 4 movies a month. There was no mention of it being a limited time only offer, which I wasn’t interested in anyways because I don’t use Iheartradio. I wait an extra month and they can’t switch the package to unlimited movies until the 3 months is up. Not happy.

Horrible, Horrible Customer Service

Glitchy app, loses account info, absolutely no help from customer service. Great back when it worked. I think I just flushed $90 down the drain with a 1-year subscription…

Good app and updates

Is there anyway we can get trailers in the app? When I see the main ad on the main screen, it is muted and there’s no way to see the trailer after clicking on it.

I’m so mad

Was using this service fine, enjoying it, my card came late and tried to contact customer service since they started charging me for it but hadn’t received it, but two days later I got the card so I let it go. However they never replied to me, which means if I had never gotten it that they wouldn’t have done anything. Now with the new update it logged me out and now it won’t let me log in on the account, claiming “this is not an authorized device- this account is already logged in” but like this is the only phone I’ve used it on???? And now I know I’ll never hear anything from customer service so looks like I’m going to have to cancel. Was good while it lasted I guess. Screw you guys.

No one is there to help you.

I had to pay for my ticket because when the card wouldn't work, no one responded to my chat or answered their helpline in time. Later a reimbursement was rejected becuase they said it was my error. I like the concept, but they need to improve their customer service.

It Won’t Let You Cancel

If you’re not able to do a simple task like canceling your service on your own through the app, you’ve got a huge problem. I’m sure that would fix a lot of their customer service traffic if people could cancel without being roadblocked by an error message that hasn’t been fixed in the past 3 updates.

Worse and Worse every week

I swear I want to love moviepass. I truly do. But moviepass does everything in its power to stop me. From constantly removing features and perks to making checking in more and more difficult I went from trying to use the referral feature to warning everyone I know to stay away.

Can’t upgrade

You can’t switch between plans. If you want to change, i.e. upgrade to unlimited, you have to cancel your membership and then wait 9 months. Sounds like a horrible business model.

Just a scam, plain and simple!

I signed up for their service last December, never managed to use it until this past Wednesday, April 25th I tried it for the very first time, I got to the movie theater, checked in as you are supposed to but then at the box office I’m told that my card is being declined, so after a couple of attempts I paid Myself for the ticket, So after contacting costumer service it turns out that there was a different card number on file, they tell me that they corrected that and now I can go ahead and make a purchase, well today Friday, April 27 I go to the movie theater and again it happened the same thing my card was declined, so I contacted customer service once again letting them know about the issue and as they must know that I’ve had a membership for over four months and today was the second time that I was trying to use it and it happened the same issue again so I asked them if the knew How frustrating and embarrassing the situation is when you are told that your card has been declined in front of people behind you but I never got a response, so after waiting for about half an hour outside the theater. I called it quits so I canceled my membership which was supposedly still active until tomorrow April 28th because that’s what they claim that regardless of whenever you cancel your Membership is still good until the end of the period you have already paid for, but that is not the case as I wasn’t able to access it anymore and on top of that they already charged me for the next month which starts on the April 29th, so I feel tricked, cheated and robbed. So be aware. UPDATE: April 29 I got an email from their costumer service, Charlie (MoviePass Support Center) Apr 29, 3:48 PM EDT Hello Fidel, We are so sorry for the delay, we have refunded you for the subscription charge placed after cancellation. So that amount should reflect with your bank within the next 72 hours. We apologize for the inconvenience and guarantee you will not be charged again. Let us know if you have any questions! Thank You, The MoviePass Team Nothing about the situations I went thru, not even an apology for such luck or support, horrible costumer service, from that I take that their policy is “you’ll be refunded for the service we already charged you for after cancellation but screw you! we just want your money which we already took these past four months but we don’t owned up any wrong doing as this is how we operate, screwing people is how we make money...” UPDATE: May 5 I haven’t gotten my refund, they said it takes 3 days but it’s been 7 days (5 working days) since then. I just sent them another email even thought I already know I won’t be getting a response... UPDATE: May 9 still waiting for my refund, emailed them, called them, not answer as of today. UPDATE: May 14 Still waiting... UPDATE: I had to file a complaint at the BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU in order to get my refund, that’s the only way I finally got my money back. End of the this Moviepass nightmare for me. BTW AMC is offering a $5 ticket movie on TUESDAYS, that’s a REAL AND TRUE deal unlike this Moviepass scam.

Bad service

Very unhappy keep getting massage that my card is attached to a different device and I can’t use it. Prepaid for one year and can’t you the product. Buyer beware

Ticket verification never works

Every time I try to submit a picture of my ticket it says error try again. Very frustrating when they threaten to cancel your account when you don’t verify your ticket.

Great deal

More movies, had to reload app once when broken but that’s ok. Still saw movie. Love all the great movies I never would have seen without the Pass.

Love the movie pass

The best way to see a movie I only hate that you have to be by the theatre to pick movie and sign in Let us do this from home and pick are seat also

Best subscription service I’ve ever had.

I’ve seen 6 movies this month that I would have normally never paid for otherwise. Moviepass is amazing, I’m beyond happy with it.

Can’t rewatch movies anymore

I subscribe to movie pass about 4 or 5 months ago but; I think it’s time to unsubscribe. At tops there’s only 3 good movies to watch a month and carry on to the the next month. Meaning if there’s nothing good to watch and you have seen the two only good movies out at the time; there’s no point in having it. I used to love going back and rewatching my favorite movies but you can’t even do that anymore.

Customer Service

No one ever gets back to you in a timely manner. I have been unable to use my pass for over a week bc it keeps saying unauthorized device, yet my device is the only one it is associated with. I have been emailing and messaging and not a response. I’m sure there will be no compensation for the movies I’ve seen bc my pass hasn’t worked! I am paying for 4 passes in my family and this is absolutely unacceptable.

Not worth it

Not worth the hassle. Consumer doesn’t exist.

Not Worth It Anymore

My friend got movie pass and told me about it and I thought it was a cool idea. He ended up buying me a year membership for my birthday. At first it was the BEST. I could go see 1 movie everyday of the month if I wanted. I could see the same movie multiple times if I wanted!! Now once you see a movie the app stops you from going to see it again. Kinda lame. So instead of watching Quiet Place or Infinity War again... I’m stuck watching Gabrielle Union trying to stop a home invasion.

Do NOT use e-ticket

I used e-ticket to try and see a movie When I got to the box office the attendant punched in the code but it didn’t work I was not allowed to see the movie I used the chat to contact customer service I also tried the phone number NO ONE RESPONDED... 3 days pass by and finally someone responds ok the chat - and their response is I should have contacted them at the time I DID BUT NO ONE RESPONDED!!!!!!!!!! Fix this

Why limitations?

With the recent change, you can only watch a movie one time and they don’t let you see it again. Change this back. If I am paying to see the movie, I should be able to see any movie I want even if I’ve seen it 2-3 times. You are putting a limitation on your users and plus I don’t like to see every movie that comes out. I do love going to the movies but you are making this experience not enjoyable anymore.

Service is good app is awful

The service for what it is great. The app leaves much to be desired. It hangs and doesn’t load pages and it’s not even accurate with displaying all the movies that are “in theaters now”. Now playing has small selection and New Releases isn’t even in order. Very disorganized and mismatched. Top Box office is a joke there are terrible rated movies listed ahead of blockbusters. It looks like whoever created the new design put very little thought into it. I use rotten tomatoes or IMDB for all my info and use the app to select a theater. MP is good for that. These other “additional” features do not add value they’re just there for added “flare”. I imagine the movie company’s are paying to be listed there and if that’s the case put that there “sponsored” or “ad” so at least people know this is by no means a complete accurate or objective list of what’s actually available. When locating theaters I wish there was an option to default to list view. Map is worthless bunch of red dots on a nondescript map whereas list view you can easily select theater by name, see distance from you etc. it’s a worthless additional click to see useful information.

My thoughts

I’m rating them a four star because I think the service they provide is still an amazing deal for what you pay, but I do think that the way they run their business is shady and if they’re not careful it could be the cause of them going under. I’ve seen countless complaints of MoviePass putting the burden on the customer to always be checking the TOS when it’s known they change it without advanced notice. I was never emailed or updated to the fact that they removed multiple viewings of the same movie and only just now discovered it nearly a month after they rolled out the change. The app is also glitchy in graying out movies you have seen already. It’s poor business management and customer service to tell the consumer that they are at fault for watching a movie twice when MoviePass’ app is buggy and the TOS updates aren’t notified in a way that’s accessible to everybody. Bad customer service and an unwillingness to accept your own shortcomings will kill a business like this and if they want to stick around, I urge them to be better. There shouldn’t be so many horror stories. There shouldn’t be so many punishments on their loyal customers because of a few bad apples. I understand why some of these changes are being made, and while I hope they figure out an effective way to bring back some of the benefits that were advertised to us months ago (like multiple viewings of the same movie), I won’t myself be leaving because of that. I do think it is an inexcusably poor decision to punish users for a fault caused by the app developers and it is completely unethical to change and enforce TOS for users who paid upfront. Any user who signed on with the annual plan should continue to have the service they paid for with no changes put into effect until they renew. That’s just completely inconsiderate and a quick way to lose loyalty, and with a new and fresh concept like this, loyalty is the most important. It won’t surprise me to see a competitor use this bad PR as an opportunity to snatch the customers who are leaving or are on the fence by being why MoviePass had promised to be prior to these shortsighted decisions. I feel that MoviePass thinks they are playing the long game by eating the costs now to build a loyal consumer base that they can profit off of later, but they’re stumbling with these decisions and if they’re not careful they’ll lose that consumer base and this will all be for naught. I truly hope MoviePass reconsiders some of the decisions they’ve made and some of the methods they use for handling these issues. The service really is a good deal though and, regardless of the poor customer service and business practices, I still recommend it to my friends, I just tell them to be wary of how the business is ran. I have faith in the service provided, but not the business providing it.

Terrible Customer Service

They had an issue with a theater I wanted to go to and their rep told me to purchase the ticket out of pocket and they would reimburse me. I did and sent it in for reimbursement. They refuse to pay it back and take two to three days to respond to any requests for help.

Broke app for broke peeps

Like an old rusty pinto you jiggle the handle to make it work.

No support available

I upgraded my phone and when I attempted to log in I am getting an error message. I have been emailing and calling MoviePass for the last 3 weeks and I can't get any help and the support phone line simply disconnects. Beyond frustrated

Login issue

I change my mobile device... and movie pass is not allowing me to login on new device saying “unauthorized device. Account is used on another device.” I don’t see any provision to login to MoviePass app. Now I am not able to use my movie pass.

Getting Even Better!

I’ve loved MoviePass from the beginning and I love explaining to people how it works. Yes, it is a little complex for newcomers, but it is very worth it and highly recommended. Just make sure you read the directions and terms and conditions and you won’t have any of the issues that people giving out 1 Stars have had here. The app has made huge improvements since it first rolled out and I’m sure their customer service is being bolstered regularly as well to keep up with their booming success. Carry on MoviePass!

Locked out after iOS update

Missed a movie after updating my iOS. All I got as an error is Unauthorized Device and non of their call center numbers is picking up. what am I paying for if I cannot use it with my phone.

Poor service quality

Very poor choice

Bait and Switch.

Don’t sign up for this unless you like terms and contracts being changed without warning or compensation. MoviePass changed my contract from one move a day for a year to one NEW movie a day for a year. Unless you live in LA or New York, it is impossible to watch that many films. Yes it was still a good value but they changed the whole reason I bought this, they refuse to compensate me in anyway, and their customer service is HORRIBLE. They simply end conversations and don’t let you speak to anyone besides their basic service reps who give you the same answers.

App could be better, but the service rocks!

I love my Moviepass! The app causes some frustration sometimes with the theater finding function. I simply wish the search radius was larger.

You’re on your own if issues arise. Support is horrible!

I’ve been having issues left and right with their app. One bug won’t even let me update my billing information due to my bank sending new bank cards out. 8 times support closed a ticket or “conversation” on me before fully diagnosing the issue which left me having to start all over with them. I think they’re clueless within their support team and just close “conversations” to spare them from really helping customers.

Bad App, Experience

Price for this service is too good to be true, but using this product is a pain. Customer Service is also slow to respond and not helpful.

Lots of restrictions

This is extremely a good choice for movie lovers. But in recent days there are lots of restrictions on Indian movies. Every movie is termed as a premier movie and not supported even if the price is similar to a Hollywood movie. If your planning to watch tollywood or Bollywood this is not a great option. Better go for Sinemia.

Rarely Works

I’ve had this for 8 months. I’ve seen a dozen movies in the theater...HOWEVER, Movie Pass has had a technical difficulty nearly every time. It’s only worked 3 times. One time, it took customer service 4 months to respond to me. It’s a great idea but this thing is trash.

Fantastic program, poor customer service

I got moviepass around December of last year, and I have absolutely loved it. I use it once a week to see a movie and the functionality has been near flawless, except for once or twice when the service traffic was too high and it stopped working for a little bit. When I received the card, it didn’t activate for three or four business days, so I reached out to customer support for help, thinking that there was something not done right. I put a request in and didn’t hear back until TODAY. That’s right. Six months later! I understand that this program has tons of members, but having to wait half a year to get help is beyond ridiculous. This needs to change. I know my issue wasn’t that distressing, but I’m sure there are many others who have been worse off and didn’t get any help. Hopefully they make changes to better support their customers!

App is pretty good. Needs more loyalty programs

Please add Regal Crown Club as a loyalty program within the app.

Almost impossible to use

It all just sounds good. But their system doesn’t work. You will be so frustrated that you will end up paying anyway. You are better of using Fandango it will be less stressful. Do yourself a favor don’t waste your money on this services.

No more screenings at this theater today

That’s what the app said when I try to buy a ticket at The Alamo Draft House at Kersntown, VA. The app said No more screenings at this theater today when there was a ton of screenings left at the theater. My wife was able to buy a ticket with her MoviePass because she had no updated her app so she had the option to chose the “Not listed” option, I had to pay for mine!

Phenomenal deal! Very satisfied customer!

I was slightly hesitant to sign up for MoviePass because a lot of the reviews were less than stellar. However, I finally did and I’m SO happy with my decision. Because of the extreme drop in price down from $50/month to $10/month, it took a long time to receive my card. However, I received regular emails from the MoviePass team explaining the situation and assuring me it would arrive. It did, and it’s been a very easy and seamless process ever since. I’ve had this since October 2017 and I now probably average 3-4 movies per month. I haven’t had a single issue during that entire time. Give it a try, be patience, and follow all of the directions. You’ll love MoviePass!

Unfriendly App, the worst Customer Service

For such a great Idea and business like MoviePass, I as a customer need to have a great support and good customer service. Actually this app is the worst one that I ever seen. There is no way to contact them! Even on the website , the emails contact are only for improving business and sale advertising not support their customers. I couldn’t find any telephone number to solve my problem. It’s wired. Isn’t! My tonight plan for going to theatre totally is changed just for the device error which is not my fault. I sent a help request to MP facebook page, same result! I got only one default and prewritten text then nothing!! One star is too much for such a bad app and customer service!

It’s ok...

I love the app itself, but ever since they changed it to allow me to only see the movie I just saw one time make me kinda mad. If I’m paying you to see one movie every day, I should get to chose which one I WANT to see. Even if it’s Avengers Infinity War again... I hope that they change this soon or they will start to losing customers...

No communication

I’ve contacted you via twitter and your ticket system online and have not received a response from you to fix the log in issues I’ve been having. It’s pretty frustrating to have paid for a year of a service that doesn’t work. Now it’s giving me a “unauthorized device” error which through researching reddit can only be fixed by contacting you directly. Yet you don’t respond to customers who reach out to you. Extremely frustrating to have to go through all these obstacles to get an app to work the way it was meant to. If this isn’t resolved soon I will have no choice but to cancel this. It had so much promise but now it’s more of a nuisance than an actual convenience.

Unauthorized device - please fix

Please do not block the login if it’s is already logged in another device of the same user. In my case the app was installed on iPad and I took it once to movie to use the movie pass app I m currently unable to login to my iPhone due to this bad feature. Please validate the users Apple ID to cross verify if they are misusing the app and sharing the credentials Thank you

ONE movie one time?!

wow... this app gets worse and worse. i was a HUGE advocate telling all my friends to get it... now i don’t like or trust this brand or app. you can’t just change it for existing customers!!

Ticket verification error

I love the idea and concept of this app, when it actually works. Twice now has the app said “Error submitting ticket” when I try to verify with a picture of my stub. When I reached out for help including a picture of my ticket stub, the company threatened to cancel my subscription even though they admitted many have been experiencing similar concerns! Excuse me?!

My account was used by another device one time and now I’m locked out of my account

I know you’re hemorrhaging money but this is not how you retain customers.

“Unauthorized Device”? Read this to fix it!

So for some not very smart reason, there are THREE different phone numbers you can call for customer support. According to Reddit (and my own personal experience) this number is the one to use where you’re most likely to get through to a person - (646)400-0801. 11am to 8pm EDT. I literally just got off the phone with them and the guy fixed the my account within two minutes of talking to him. It’s an easy fix once you get through to someone. Don’t bother emailing them or “sending in a ticket” because the response time is horrendous (believe me, I tired 4 different times before getting smart and looking on reddit for a better solution). Once the problem is fixed, you’re good to go! Now, back to the actual app - it’s fantastic!!! My husband and I use this all the time and recommended it to all of our friends! Movies are so expensive nowadays that you only have to see a handful to get your moneys worth. It makes for the perfect date night and ends up not costing us an arm and a leg to do so! And it also opens us up to seeing more movies that we’d normally be on the fence about. The beauty of it is that if we are really not enjoying the movie, we don’t have to feel like we wasted a crap ton of money for nothing. Anyway, bottom line - get the app!

Ticket verification doesn’t work

I tried multiple times to upload my stub, but it keeps saying “Error uploading, please try again” and it happened all the times, no matter how many times you try to upload the stub, it simply doesn’t go through. I tried to contact Customer Service, never received an answer so far.


DO NOT BUY THIS SERVICE moviepass sells you on good that they spoil later. I purchased moviepass with the promise I could watch a movie a day for a year THis new update goes contrary to everything they say while hiding behind NEW terms of services updated AFTER my purchase I am now NOT able to watch a movie AGAIN - if i choose to They will only let you watch a movie ONE TIME - which is contrary to how they sold me their service This update is terrible

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